Family Farm Seaside: Community Tips

Once your Community reaches level 2, the Community Town Office will be unlocked. The Town Office provides Community Boosts which are helpful for your Seaside, Island and Sea Resort farms.

Current boost list:

  • Fisherman (Increase the Seafood House rare item drop rate)
  • Explorer (Increase Volcano power production)
  • Designer (Have chance to get double items from the Hardware Store and Sawmill)
  • Pilot (Gives double amount of Dev Points or Helicopter Bags from Helicopter Orders)
  • Businessman (Increase the amount of Resort Points that can be earned from Resort Orders)

Every boost needs to be unlocked by the Leader or Vice Leader with Community Gems. After it’s unlocked, you will need upgrade to start the boost’s effects with your own Reputation Medals. The higher the level of the boost, the better the boost’s effects.

There is no effect for a level 0 boost, so you need to upgrade with Reputation Medals. Your Community Boosts will be reset when you leave the Community.

What are the benefits of being in a Community?

After you’ve joined the Community, you can enjoy the benefits below:

  1. Unique crops, machines and animals can be purchased in the Community Exotic Store only!
  2. Chat with other members in Community Chat
  3. Earn Gachapon after making RC purchase to share with your Community members.
  4. Have chances to use the Gachapon Machine and get TC rewards!
  5. Lots of interesting orders, achievements, and activities can be worked on together with other Community members.

What are Community Gems and Reputation Medals?

By completing Community orders, achievements, and activities, you will earn Community Gems and Reputation Medals.

Community Gems:

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Community currency that belongs to the Community. It is used for upgrading the Community level and refreshing new items in the Community Exotic Store. For upgrading Community levels, the option will only be allowed for Community Leaders and Vice Leaders.

Reputation Medals:

A Reputation Medal is a personal reward; you can use Reputation Medals to purchase items from the Community Exotic Store.

Community Buildings:

In the Water Town, there are 5 main buildings.

Town Hall

Welcome to the Community! From the Town Hall, you can see all Community member lists and information, change Community settings, and check Community histories.

Prestige Fountain

This is a Community achievement building. All Community members can contribute to complete these achievements. While someone is doing the current achievement, he / she will get reputation medals and the community will also get Community Gems. After an achievement is completed, the community will also be rewarded with Community Gems.

Activity Hall

The old man in the Activity Hall will release a challenge every week to test your Community. Members can produce three specific products every week to complete the challenge. While someone is doing the challenge, he / she will get Reputation Medals and the Community will also get Community Gems. After a challenge is completed, the Community will also be rewarded with Community Gems. But remember, the challenge is time-limited; finish all the boxes and there will be extra Community Gems and a Gachapon. Leaders and Vice Leaders can change the difficulty of each challenge if they think the challenge is too much for their Community or they think they are ready for higher challenges.

Order Corner

Order Corner orders are a personal order that helps you collect the Reputation Medals and Community Gems for your Community. You will get 2 orders per day. Complete orders so that Philip can try to impress Felicia!

Exotic Store

The Exotic Store is the store that is only available in Water Town! Members can purchase consumable items and new products such as new machines and new animals with Reputation Medals. The Businessman will take your Community Gems and travel to another town to bring goods every day. Communities on higher levels can have more boxes and the Businessman will bring more goods every time, with a slightly higher cost, of course.

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How to join/quit a Community?

To join a community you must go to your seaside farm and tap on the boat on the right side of the Achievement House. After you’ve reached level 26 you can join a Community.

A list of existing Communities will appear. It will show the level of the Communities and the amount of members in each one. Communities can be of three different types:

  • Open for all, which indicates that everyone can join the Community if they apply.
  • By application only, which indicates that the leader of the Community has to approve the application for the applicant to join.
  • Closed, which indicates a Community you only can be part of if the leader personally invites you.

To leave a Community you must be in the Community area and either tap on the Community level icon next to your own avatar, or tap on the main building -> Community Info icon. A button showing “Leave the Community” will be shown. Please note that after leaving a Community you will be in a 24 hour quarantine for all Community orders and events.

As Community Leader, how to promote team member to vice-leader? And how to demote a Vice-leader?

To promote a regular member to a vice-leader, go to the main building in Water Town. Here a list of members will show up. Simply tap on the chosen member and a “Promote” option will appear.

If the member already is a vice-leader and you wish to demote them back to a regular member, the same method is used but this time a “Demote” option will appear instead.

As Community Leader, how to quit the Community?

In order to leave the Community as its leader you must be the last member in your Community. All other members must be expelled prior for this to happen.

How to invite other players to your Community?

Only the leader or vice leader can invite other players to the Community. If you are a leader or vice leader, tap the Settings button on Community panel -> Applications.

Once the player you invited accepts your invitation, she/he will join the Community without needing any approval.

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What is Gachapon and how does it work?

Gachapon is a Community reward which is shared in the Community chat. After drawing from the Gachapon machine, you can earn TC as reward.

There are 3 kinds of Gachapons and you can earn them in different cases:

  • Gachapon from Felicia: You can earn by completing Community activities. It has no number limitation, every member who is in the Community can draw before it’s expired. You have chance to draw 5TC to 25TC.
  • Gachapon from Community members: You can earn this when you recharge RC or when other members recharge (12RC – 75RC). It contains 15 capsules. You have chance to draw 5TC to 13TC.
  • Advanced Gachapon from Community members: You can earn this when you recharge RC or when other members recharge (160RC – 750RC). It also contains 15 capsules only, so make sure you hurry to draw! You have chance to draw 8TC to 40TC

Once any Gachapon is shared, it stays 24 hours for you to draw and it will disappear from the chat after 48 hours.

Refresh time/rule for every building:

Activity Hall: Starts every Tuesday at 00:00 UTC 0, ends every Monday at 00:00 UTC 0.

Order Corner: Refreshes at 00:00 UTC 0 every day.

Exotic Store: The businessman will leave at 23:00 UTC 0 every day and come back in an hour.

In the situation where leaders want to kick out Community members, if a player’s continuous days not logged in are less than 7, kicking out the member will cost 200 Community Gems. If the player’s continuous days not logged in are equal to or more than 7 days, but less than 14 days, kicking out the member will cost 100 Community Gems. If the player’s continuous days not logged in are equal to or more than 14 days, kicking out the member will cost 0 Community Gems.

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  1. Looking for info on how to increase pet speed percentage for digging in Community Treasureland. I had been using a yellow lab at 10%, and after upgrading him to the next level, the percent speed went DOWN to 6%. I would think with an upgrade it would increase, or at least stay the same. What exactly effects pet speed in Community Treasureland?

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