Family Farm Seaside: Factory

The Factory is unlocked at level 14 and is available from the Store under Building tab. In the Factory, you can Merge items during Activities, Forge Pet Equipment and also Disassemble Pet Equipment.

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The new item and the materials needed to merge it, are only available during a certain activity and for a limited time only. Make sure you stay tuned and check our announcement for information when we release it.


In the second tab, Forge, you can forge materials to get Pet Equipment. You will need Pet Equip Books, Pet Equip Scrolls and one more optional item.

The Equipment that is forged will be divided into Class A, B or C, all of which will give different amount of Attributes with Class A being the best Attribute Equipment.

For more information, please check New Updates & Improvements > Pet Equipment.


If you have too many of the same Pet Equipment or you want to delete some that you are not using, you can disassemble them in the Disassemble tab.

Note: You won’t get all your materials back when you disassemble an Equipment and once its disassembled, it will be lost forever.

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