Is the game free? Yes, Merge Party is absolutely free to play and supported by in-app purchases. The game is completely solvable without buying any items. If you would like to enhance your game, you can buy some additional items, coins and gems for real money. How do I closeContinue Reading

In Merge Inn, your goal is to help Maisie and her trusty sous-chef Mort to feed the hungry patrons of her restaurant. Along the way, you’ll discover many new recipes and food items, improve and upgrade your kitchen, learn new exciting cuisine, and take on challenging Side Jobs.Continue Reading

In this cozy, drama-filled puzzle game, your goal is to help Amelia solve the mystery of her missing mom, rebuild the family cafe, serve customers a massive range of delicious food and drink — and maybe find the love of her life.Continue Reading

Seasonal Albums Masters League players will now get a totally new album to complete each and every season. They’ll have all season long to complete their new album. Seasonal stickers can be gained as prizes from the trophy progression. However, they will also be offered in sales and as prizesContinue Reading

How to donate a booster to a teammate? You now have the option to donate a booster to anyone on your team. Simply go to the team screen and tap ‘Donate Booster’. You’ll then be presented with a drop-down menu showing your teammates. You can choose a specific teammate toContinue Reading