How to donate a booster to a teammate? You now have the option to donate a booster to anyone on your team. Simply go to the team screen and tap ‘Donate Booster’. You’ll then be presented with a drop-down menu showing your teammates. You can choose a specific teammate toContinue Reading

Bronze Booster Gold Booster Diamond Booster Legendary Booster Bronze Booster Firecracker The Firecracker is a free booster that will randomly fali on the board and make a smali explosion, eliminating up to 5 pieces at a time. It charges 6 blue stars to active. Crazy Rocket The Crazy Rocket boosterContinue Reading

What are Lives? What are Rubies? What are Coins? What are Stars? What are Power-Ups? What are Magical Balloons? What are Costumes? How can I edit my avatar? How do I change my avatar’s name? What are Costume Abilities? What are the Lucky Boxes? How do I decorate my towns?Continue Reading