Tips and tricks for playing Gold and Goblins

Players of Gold & Goblins have been enjoying the game and are actively exploring the depths of the lower mines. Despite its seemingly simple gameplay mechanics, the game can actually get quite complex in unexpected ways. Advanced strategies are often necessary to progress through the lower mines, as standard tactics may not yield quick results. While the game does not penalize players for not solving puzzles, seeking out tips and tricks can prove advantageous.

The most challenging aspect of Gold & Goblins is the waiting time for workers to complete their tasks. However, there are numerous methods to optimize mining efficiency, and players are rewarded for using smart tactics. There are two types of players in this game: those who patiently await their workers’ completion and those who strive to accelerate their progress through efficient techniques. Which type of player are you?

You shouldn’t waste your elixirs!

In Gold & Goblins, Elixirs are arguably the most valuable resource, second only to the game’s premium currency. They are used to upgrade cards, which can significantly increase the speed at which you earn profits and progress through the game. We have previously emphasized the importance of cards in our Card Guide, so be sure to refer to that for further information. It’s worth noting that you won’t receive enough elixirs to upgrade all of your cards, so you should use them wisely.

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The game may give the impression that you need to upgrade all of your cards and spend your elixirs at every stage, but this is not the case. You don’t necessarily need to automate all of your mining structures, particularly those that appear at the beginning of the mine. The structures that should be automated are the ones toward the end of the mine. Generally, it’s worthwhile to spend your elixirs on cards marked as uncommon or higher. Otherwise, prioritize upgrading cards that enhance other areas of mining.

Even low-level goblins can be useful

In Gold & Goblins, certain levels of goblins are needed to efficiently clear out nodes, repair structures, or open gates. However, it’s not necessary for a goblin to have the same or higher level to start processing a node. The only downside to a goblin working on a higher-level node is that it takes significantly longer to complete the task. Nonetheless, it’s still better than having no progress at all.

A good strategy is to assign low-level goblins to work on any available node until they are ready to be fused with another goblin. Having higher-level goblins will save you a lot of time, so it’s always best to prioritize them. Once a high-level goblin is done with their current task, you can move them to help a low-level goblin or replace them to speed up the process. Even having a low-level goblin work on a node can shave off a couple of seconds, making it a helpful tactic.

Clear all the nodes

In Gold & Goblins, it may seem like a waste of time to empty out the entire mine, particularly since regular rocks don’t offer any notable rewards. However, completing the entire level, especially at lower levels, can be more beneficial in terms of rewards such as elixirs. It’s also advisable to work on all nodes, even those hidden behind multiple tiles of plain rocks that are difficult to reach.

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To clear out all nodes efficiently, it’s crucial to allocate your workers effectively. You should aim to maximize the space available, so assign a goblin to work on every accessible node, even if they don’t meet the required level to work on it efficiently. Swapping goblins once they’ve finished to meet the necessary requirements and complete the task quickly can also be helpful. Additionally, using bonus tools such as dynamites can speed up the process of achieving this goal.

Dynamite Usage

Dynamite is a powerful tool that players can obtain randomly from the game’s initial structure, which periodically provides goblins. It allows players to significantly reduce the time required to clear a node or structure that is of similar or lower level than the tool. It is essential to use dynamite strategically in the game, especially in challenging stages with numerous obstacles.

The most effective way to use dynamite is to use it immediately on a node that is of the same level as the tool. Waiting for a better target is not recommended as it does not increase your efficiency or progression speed. Dynamite can also be saved until reaching a gate, which saves players from waiting for extended periods to progress to the next mine.

It is worth noting that dynamite can also be used on mining structures and gates. Therefore, players must use dynamite wisely to achieve optimal results.

Watch Ads

Gold & Goblins utilizes advertisements as a means of incentivizing players to obtain rewards. However, most players do not enjoy watching ads while playing the game, especially when they are forced to do so without their consent. Thankfully, Gold & Goblins has minimal forced ads, allowing players to play the game without being interrupted.

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On the other hand, players can choose to watch ads voluntarily in exchange for excellent incentives, similar to most other mobile games. It is entirely up to the player to click on an ad.

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