Gold & Goblins – A Guide to Cards

Playing Gold & Goblins, cards are an intriguing aspect of the game that may not appear significant at first but are later emphasized as a crucial part of gameplay. Although they have various functions, the primary reason to collect cards is that they significantly enhance progression. However, players often overlook this mechanic since the game does not give it enough focus early on, leading to them quickly forgetting about it.

To our surprise, Gold & Goblins incorporates several advanced mechanics that enhance the gameplay experience beyond our initial expectations. Among these mechanics, the cards feature prominently, adding an extra layer of strategy that incentivizes players to make wise decisions. As we have previously outlined in our Faster Mine Completion Guide, collecting cards is crucial to your progress in the game. In this article, we will explore the most effective ways to obtain these valuable cards.

Collecting Cards

Card collection is paramount to success in Gold & Goblins. Cards can be obtained by opening chests, repairing mining structures, and mining special nodes. The cards that are acquired from these sources are randomized, meaning that players will need luck on their side to acquire legendary cards with potent abilities that can significantly boost mining capabilities.

To maximize your chances of obtaining useful cards, it is best to mine out each stage completely and focus on card collection from the very beginning. Although it is not necessary to upgrade all cards in your collection, having extra copies for the next level is advisable to ensure preparedness for future challenges. By following these tips, you will be well on your way to mastering the art of card collection in Gold & Goblins.

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The most effective approach to card collection is to thoroughly mine each stage, leaving no stone unturned. It is advisable to start focusing on card collection from the beginning of the game since they become increasingly valuable at higher levels. Upgrading every card in your collection may not be necessary, but having extra copies is a prudent strategy to ensure readiness for future challenges. Being prepared with a well-stocked collection will help when the time comes to utilize these valuable items.

Card Types

In Gold & Goblins, players can collect two types of cards: gemstone cards and boost cards. Gemstone cards feature goblin icons holding the corresponding gemstone they enhance. These cards are crucial for upgrading mining structures and increasing the profit yield from them. They are also necessary to unlock the auto-collection feature in these structures, significantly boosting gold production efficiency by eliminating the need for frequent manual tapping.

Boost cards are arguably the most crucial cards in Gold & Goblins. While the game may appear to prioritize upgrading gemstone cards, investing in boost cards is actually more beneficial. These cards enhance general features of the game, including gold yield from regular stones and goblin worker efficiency. There are various types of boost cards available, but the rarity of the card should be a primary consideration. Higher rarity cards are inherently more valuable and should be prioritized above all else.

Farming Elixirs

Elixir farming in Gold & Goblins is challenging but crucial when upgrading cards. As you progress through the game’s various mines, you’ll soon realize how scarce a resource it becomes. Typically, you only have enough to upgrade cards that are directly related to mining structures in each level, making it difficult to allocate Elixirs to other cards in your inventory. You can acquire Elixirs by opening chests, repairing structures, and mining special nodes.

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Players who prefer not to purchase Elixirs in the premium store can farm them by clearing out the mines at every level, watching ads, and participating in events. However, even with these options, consistently upgrading all cards still requires a significant amount of Elixirs. Nonetheless, active players will likely not experience a severe shortage of this resource when they need it.

Allocating Resources

Managing your cards in Gold & Goblins can be challenging, and the most difficult aspect is resource allocation. As a free-to-play user who prefers not to spend real money on upgrades, you’ll need to allocate your Elixirs and Gems wisely to gain an edge in the game. One general guideline is to reserve enough Elixirs to upgrade your boost cards, rather than investing all of them in gemstone cards. Some gemstone cards are not worth upgrading since they do not provide a significant advantage to the player.

If you’re not upgrading a card that’s uncommon or rarer, it’s advisable to save your elixirs for other upgrades. It’s generally more beneficial to invest in general boost cards since they’re always profitable, regardless of the scenario. Gemstone cards are only useful when you’re in a mine that uses them, and they become less useful as you progress to deeper levels. As a result, the elixirs you invest in them may ultimately be a waste.

Purchasing Chests

Acquiring chests is an excellent way to obtain cards and elixirs in Gold & Goblins. However, they can be quite expensive to purchase. Thankfully, the game rewards players with free gems, which can be used to buy chests. Accumulating these gems for chest purchases should be your primary objective while playing the game since you might get lucky and receive a Legendary card in the process.

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In Gold & Goblins, players can collect gems by participating in events or mining special nodes. It is advisable not to squander your gems on other items such as purchasing cards directly, as it may not be a cost-effective strategy. This guide provides valuable insight into the game’s card collection mechanics.

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