To get around the Valley in Hay Day, you need fuel! Tap the fuel icon at the bottom right of the screen to check Fuel Generator. The number on the button shows the number of fuel units you have (1 fuel unit = 1 movement point).Continue Reading

The Fishing Lake in Hay Day is unlocked at Farm level 27, by repairing the Fishing Boat on the Farm. Repairing the boat costs 35,000 coins and once repaired, tapping the boat will take you to the fishing area!Continue Reading

How do I upgrade my silo / barn? How do I use items in my barn? How do Masteries work? My Feed Mill Mastery does not work correctly! My production queue is full How do I make a particular product? I need a specific product for my farm I haveContinue Reading

Can I take back items I put on sale? How do I change my name? How do I change prices on items in the shop? How do I change my profile Picture? How do I sell to other players? Visualization of Sold Items Someone raided my roadside shop How doContinue Reading

At level 34 in Hay Day you receive a train track that leads to new land. The Mayor has deemed you fit to rebuild and manage your own little Town with new buildings and decorations! Repair the platform next to your neighborhood house for 39.000 coins and tap on theContinue Reading

What are the leaderboards? How do I help with boat orders? Boat orders are too difficult! Boat timer will pause during maintenance breaks Extra boat order help from Neighborhood friends! How do I catch fish? How do I make lures? How do the Lobster Pool and Net Maker work? WhatContinue Reading

Need construction or expansion items Mid level rewards How do I move something on my farm? How do trees and bushes work? How does the Mine work? How to get rid of the scarecrow? (Who is he?) I lost a field/ decoration/ other item (Can’t find it) How do IContinue Reading