Hay Day: Fuel & Broken-down Truck

To get around the Valley in Hay Day, you need fuel! Tap the fuel icon at the bottom right of the screen to check Fuel Generator. The number on the button shows the number of fuel units you have (1 fuel unit = 1 movement point).

How do you get fuel?

Every day you get a Fuel Spin that gives you a random amount of Fuel, for free!

You can get more by either spending diamonds or performing Fuel Tasks which will fill up the sun point bar for another Fuel Spin. These tasks reset for 24 hours (same tasks all day), but can be done as many times as you like. The great thing is that the extra sun points are added to the next sun bar for the following Fuel Spin!

Tap on the XP level bar to check the special tab that gives you a clear view of running Fuel Tasks and other information.

Broken Truck

Just like in real life, trucks in the Valley can break down after a while!

Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix them.

Fellow Valley player-trucks

If a broken truck is on the way to your destination, your truck will automatically make a quick stop to fix the truck and then continue on to your destination.

Your own truck

You can either wait for a player to help you, use diamonds to repair it immediately, or just wait for a while for it to repair itself.

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Fuel Stations

From there, you’ll be able to purchase a random amount of Fuel using diamonds. this may trigger a cool-down period until new Fuel supplies are available.

If you’re lucky you may even get the Fuel free, followed by another refueling option which, once bought, will close the station for a few time.

The more you retain traveling the Valley, the more Fuel Stations you’ll find!

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