Hay Day: Boat & Fishing

What are the leaderboards?

Boat leaderboards can be accessed by tapping the notice board on your dock. There are two different boat leaderboards: the Friends Ranking (where you can see the rank of all the players in your friends list) and the Global Top Player Ranking (where you can see the rank of the top players in Hay Day).

Every time you complete (and send) a boat order from your own farm or complete a friend’s boat order, you will be awarded with points that accumulate on the boat leaderboards (Friends Ranking and Global Top Players rankings). The amount of points you gain per order depends on its difficulty (type of items/amount required). In addition to this, you’ll get a bonus if you complete the order faster.

You can see the number of points awarded for a particular order below the normal reward (experience points and voucher) for that order. The points will be added to your boat leaderboards score (along with the bonus) when the boat is sent away.

How do I help with boat orders?

To help other players with their boat order, simply visit the farm of the person you would like to help. If they have requested help to fill in boat orders, you will see a yellow exclamation mark hovering near the boat. Tap on it and you’ll be able see the orders that need to be filled and those that have already been taken care of. When there is no exclamation mark, it either means the player doesn’t want or need help.

Tap on the empty box to fill an order. This will show you how many items are needed and how many you have in store. You can only close the box if you have enough of that specific item available; once completed, you will get rewarded (experience and coins).

You can also ask other players to help you complete your own boat orders. You can do this by tapping on your boat and then pressing the “ask for help” button on the boxes you need help with.

Boat orders are too difficult!

Some of them are indeed tough, but the good thing about boat orders, is that individual, completed boxes will still give you a reward even if the rest of the boat order hasn’t been completed! Besides, if you feel like you won’t be able to complete a boat order, you can always send the boat away (before completing any box) and start working on the following one. Just tap on the “boat” icon below the ‘order reward’ as soon as the ship arrives at your dock.

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If you need help completing a tougher order, you can ask your friends for help by tapping on the “ask for help” button on the boxes you won’t be able to complete yourself. You can also purchase items you don’t have time to produce by searching through your friends’ roadside shops and the newspaper. Boats are a challenging part of the game, and completing them is always a great satisfaction!

Boat timer will pause during maintenance breaks

Maintenance breaks are necessary to keep Hay Day running smoothly and free of bugs. Good news! To make sure this interruption doesn’t cause you to lose any time with Tom and/or boat orders, the game will now automatically pause these two features when interrupted by a service break. The timer for Tom and Boat Orders will resume automatically once maintenance is over.

Extra boat order help from Neighborhood friends!

As you know, each boat comes with 3 help request possibilities that are public and seen by anyone who stumbles upon your farm. After using up the 3 help requests, you will notice that you can ask for help one extra time and this help request will only be seen by your neighborhood friends.

The request will appear as a blue box with your neighborhood symbol on top of it and the your neighborhood friends will get the notification in the neighborhood chat.

How do I catch fish?

This feature is unlocked at level 27. If you don’t know how to fish yet, just follow these simple steps:

By now you must have noticed your uncle’s old boat on the shore. Let’s fix it and set sail on a new fishing adventure! It takes 3 days to get it fixed.

To get started, find an open fishing area and tap and hold a lure. Drag and drop it into the water. Try to attract a fish to the bait by slowly moving the lure around the fishing area. When a fish bites, a circle will appear around the pool and will start to close. You need to keep the hooked fish inside the circle by moving the line in the opposite direction that the fish is swimming.

If you can keep the fish inside the circle until it closes, you will make the catch and it will be recorded in our scrapbook. Don’t worry about the ones that got away, you can try again until you find a catch! 🙂 You won’t lose your lure if the fish manages to wriggle loose! But that one specific fish you might have caught is then gone.

Angus will show you how to fish when you first enter the fishing area. Angus will also help you out whenever you need him, just poke him to see the tutorial again. Fishing is very easy to learn but gets more challenging as you move to different fishing areas and start chasing rare fish!

Good luck!

How do I make lures?

You can produce 5 different kinds of lures at the workbench and each one attracts a different type of fish – have a sneak peek at the scrapbook for more info! You get 3 red lures for free but you will have to produce more lures if you want to catch more fish 🙂

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You don’t need any resources to produce the red lure but you will need vouchers to produce other lures.

How do the Lobster Pool and Net Maker work?

At level 44 you can go to the fishing area & repair your Lobster Pool. The Lobster Pool is where your lobsters will swim while their tails are prepared. To catch your lobsters, you need to go to the Net Maker & make a lobster trap. Click anywhere in the fishing area you have available, grab a lobster trap which can be found on the second page of the inventory fan, drag and let go to drop the trap.

You can check your lobster trap a few hours later and watch the lobster fly over to the Lobster Pool. There is initially space for one lobster, but upgrade the Lobster Pool to create up to 6 spaces for lobsters in your pool. Your lobsters will love your heated pool so much that they will always lose track of time, growing big and bloated. So once they have been hanging there for enough time, swipe as usual to help them out of their shells and see them jump down the slide back into their habitat. Then use their tasty tails for delivery orders and soups!

Next to the Lobster Pool, your new Net Maker building also produces fishing nets. Much like your Lure Workbench – open your net maker to pick a net or trap and drop it into the water. Give it some time and comfortably collect your fish. Get lucky and you might catch several at once. Speaking of luck, also check out the new Mystery Fishing Net: they cost diamonds to produce, but you never know what riches you might collect from the waters in return. Diamonds, vouchers, barn & silo upgrade materials, expansion items and so much more… it’s all there waiting for you. Who knows… you might even claim the legendary Pearl Of The Sea decoration.

And if you are interested, click on over to our official Hay Day Forums for another “how to” guide on the net maker and lobster fishing! Check it out: http://forum.supercell.net

What is the fishing book?

When you tap on your fishing hut, you will find a scrapbook with a log of the fish you have caught. And of course, all fishermen should keep scrapbooks for bragging rights 😉

There are 40 different fish species to be caught. When you catch a new fish type, go back to your fish scrapbook and you will find its picture. Tap on it to claim your reward.

The rewards you receive depend on the weight of the fish. The heavier the catch, the higher the reward! Make sure you catch them all, and try and get fish of all different weights to get all the precious rewards!

The scrapbook also has hints about what type of lures attract each type of fish and the best fishing areas to find them! This will help you learn how to catch a specific type of fish! Just tap and hold the pictures to read a brief description about the different types of fish.

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Why do my fish escape?

It can be a little frustrating to lose a fish especially when you were so close to catching it. However, fishing in the game increases with difficulty when you use certain lures or when you happen to get a rare fish species to latch on. The rarer the fish, the harder it is to catch it, as they tend to wiggle around and cut loose from the lures.

When you have the fish closed in to the green circle, make sure not to lift your finger from the screen until it jumps out of the water.

How do I unlock more fishing areas?

Unlocking fishing area works just like expanding your farm!

There are 2 free spots waiting when you first go fishing. If you want to attract more fishes or catch rare fish species you need to expand your fishing spots! There are 10 spots in total you can unlock and they are all covered with aquatic plants.

Here are the simple steps to unlock a new fishing area:

  1. Choose the spot you wish to unlock.
  2. Tap on the spot and check if you have enough land deeds, mallets and marker stakes in your possession. (Every spot requires different amounts of the expansion items.)
  3. In case you don’t have enough items available, be patient and continue harvesting crops, collecting products from animals, opening mystery boxes, checking the newspaper and your friend’s roadside shop regularly. You may also want to consider buying them with diamonds by clicking on the “+” button under them!
  4. Once you have all the items you need, just tap on the yellow button with the green check mark!

Introducing, Ducks!

They quack, and they like their beautiful feathers pampered- introducing the ducks!

At level 50 or higher, head over to your fishing area and unlock the Duck Salon with 90,000 coins to primp and pamper your ducks in order to retrieve beautiful feathers, that will be used to make new items like pillows and blankets!

Once the Salon is built, Duck Traps (the yellow rubber ducky tube) will be available to make in the Net Maker. Place a Duck Trap in the water and wait a couple hours for a duck to fly in and wait to be taken to the Duck Salon.

Collect a feather per duck after 3 hours of grooming and find the feathers you gathered in your barn. Use the feathers in the Sewing Machine to make:

Pillows: 2 cotton fabrics and 3 duck feathers.

Blankets: 3 cotton fabrics, 5 duck feathers and 1 pumpkin to give the blanket a nice orange color.

Like the Lobster Pool, the Duck Salon can be upgraded 5 times to hold up to 6 ducks at a time!

New Mystery net rare decorations!

Something magical happened at the bottom of the sea and some new RARE decorations are now available with the mystery net, if you are lucky. So now, besides the famous Pearl of the Sea, you will have a chance to get:

  • The Canon
  • The Steering wheel
  • The Anchor

New indicator when someone filled your crates for you

Forgot to send that boat because you didn’t know it was full? Not anymore! Now every time someone has filled the crates where you requested help, you will see an animation of a seagull fly and stand in your boat to remind you that those crates are ready.

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