Hay Day: Buildings, Products & Pets

How do I upgrade my silo / barn in Hay Day?

Increase the silo storage by going into the silo and tapping on the “increase storage” button. With enough nails, screws, wood panels, you can tap the check button and your silo will be upgraded right away.

To increase the barn, you can do the same, but you will need bolts, wood planks and duct tape.

How do I use items in my barn?

If you want to use one of the items you have in your barn, just visit one of the production buildings you have in your farm and start producing new products for which that item is requested. You will be able to produce products if you have all of the requested ingredients (just tap on the product icon to see what you have available and what not).

You can also sell the items you don’t need in your roadside shop. Just tap on your roadside shop, tap on an empty crate and fill it with the item you want to sell.

How do Masteries work?

Every time you produce an item using the machines on your farm you gain experience with that machine – this is measured in hours. When you reach a certain target you receive a star, and every star you receive gives you a bonus towards the products made by that machine. For instance, 1 star on the Sugar Mill increases the number of coins received and 2 stars increases the number of experience points gained. The only machine that is different is the Feed Mill.

You can check your current progress with a machine by tapping the (i) that hovers just above the production slots.

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When you receive 3 stars on that machine, the machine may turn gold and you will too be the envy of the neighborhood!

My Feed Mill Mastery does not work correctly!

Because of how the Feed Mill mastery stars are set up, it is harder to gain a star compared to most of the other production buildings.

To gain one star in the Feed Mill, you must produce goods for a total of 120 hours, compared to only 35 hours in the Bakery or 40 hours in the Dairy. Like with any production machine in the game, after you have reached the first star, the counter will start again at 0 (in case of the Feed Mill, this would be 0 out of 840 hours to reach the second star).

Another playing factor of why it takes longer to reach stars in the Feed Mill is that the production time of produce made in the Feed Mill is very short. Chicken feed, for example, takes 5 minutes to be produced. Meaning that it will take 12 chicken feeds to gain one hour on the mastery points.

It may seem difficult but it is set up that way to create a nice challenge for players. 😉

My production queue is full

If you receive the message “production queue is full” when the production slots of the building are empty, please make sure that you don’t have too many products ready on the building’s desk. If this is the case, you need to move these products to the barn before producing more of them, and this is the reason why you receive the message.

If your barn is full, you can upgrade it or you can sell some of the items you don’t need in your roadside shop. Once you cleared some space, move the products from the building’s desk to the barn and you will then be able to start the production once again.

How do I make a particular product?

Making products like cakes, muffins, diamond rings, or any other product in the game, you need to have the correct production machine and all the right ingredients. Check the shop (cash register icon in the bottom left corner of the screen) and see if the production building you need is available to purchase.

After you purchased the machine, tap on it, then tap and hold on the product you want to produce, and a popup with the requested ingredients will appear. If you have all the ingredients, just drag the product in the production queue and the production will start.

I need a specific product for my farm

Sometimes, it may happen that you run out of a certain product or item needed. In this case, you can either buy it from the newspaper or from one of your neighbors and friends at their roadside shop, or you can hire Tom (the errand boy) to go search for it.

You can also start the production yourself, if you have the basic ingredients, or you can buy the missing resources with diamonds.

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I have a product but cannot use it in a delivery

Verify that the item you have in your barn or silo is exactly the same needed for the delivery or the production. Some icons in the game may look similar (for example, the berries’ icons), and some times it may also happen that you need a particular version of a product for the delivery (for example, you may have tomatoes but the delivery requires roasted tomatoes, or you may have cherries but in order to produce a popsicle you need cherry juice).

How do I access items like pizza, pumpkins and fishing nets?

When your level is high enough to unlock new products, these can be found on the second page of your inventory.

Here is one example:

How can I access the pumpkins?

1. Tap on the field
2. Tap on the yellow button with two arrows
3. You can find pumpkins on the second page

Why does it take so long to make jam / other products?

All the production times in Hay Day are set with increasing difficulty in mind – the higher you level up the harder the farm tasks get.

When you first start the game, the items such as wheat and corn have lower production times to allow all the new players to progress at a reasonable pace. The further players progress in the game, the more difficult the orders become and the bigger the rewards get.

Each time you gain a level, the amount of experience needed to attain the next level will rise. By adjusting the production time and the rewards you gain for each product, the game remains balanced and fun for everyone.

Of course there is a choice for everyone to use diamonds to speed up processes, so that the pace of progression is entirely up to the player.

How do I make honey?

Now that you have bought your Nectar Bush, Bees, and Beehive, you are ready to start producing sweet honeycombs. Turning the Honeycombs into H oney, requires the Honey Extractor.

As soon as you have Bees and a Nectar Bush in place, you will notice the bees buzzing their way towards any active Nectar Bush. Slowly but steadily, they will gather Nectar from the bush and deliver it to the Beehive. Here nectar is turned into honeycombs.

One Bee delivers approximately one unit of Nectar per minute, taking 100 units of Nectar to produce one Honeycomb. Naturally, increasing the amount of Bees in your Beehive will create Honeycomb much, much faster.

Once enough Nectar has been gathered and the Bees are taking a break, collect the Honeycomb from the Beehive by tapping on it and dragging the basket over the hive. Keep in mind that you will require a Honey Extractor to turn the Honeycombs in to Honey and that one jar of honey will require two Honeycombs.

I have honey but I cannot make products!

When your hive is full of nectar collected by the bees, it will give you one honeycomb. With the honeycombs, you can produce jarred honey in the Honey Extractor machine (found in your farm’s shop).

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The honey jars you collect can be used to make delicious new recipes like Pumpkin Soup, Honey Apple Cake and more. Boat order and Truck orders will also ask for honey products.

How to use the sewing machine?

Before you can start making some garments in your Sewing Machine, you will have to grow cotton from your crop field, and then use the Loom to transform the harvested cotton into cotton fabric. To do this, simply go to your Loom and drag the “cotton fabric” icon into the machine.

Once you have collected the cotton fabric from your Loom, you can go to your Sewing Machine and make cotton shirts, wooly chaps or lovely violet dresses. Please notice that some of these products require additional items for their production (like raspberries, indigo or sheep wool).

Beeswax & Candles


The Honey Extractor now has a new product, Beeswax.

Beeswax will unlock at level 48 and you will need 3 honeycombs to produce it. For now you can use the Beeswax to produce candles in the Candle Maker and some other products to come in the near future 😉


You can produce 3 different kinds candles (listed below) and you will need to have the new Candle Maker machine.

  • Strawberry Candle (level 48)
  • Raspberry Candle (level 52)
  • Lemon Candle (level 72)

My pets escaped

The animals on your farm have their own will- especially those cute pets trying to escape and run around your farm exploring.

To make sure your pets stay within an enclosed area, simply drag the pet house within that area so your pets have access to it. That will give them peace of mind and stop them from trampling all over your crops!

What is the whistle for?

You can use the whistle to call all your pets back to their houses. You can also use the whistle after feeding your pets to collect the reward for having fed them.

How do I feed my pets?

To feed a pet, just fill the bowl next to the Pet House with bacon, milk or carrots (depending on the pet). You can fill the bowls whenever you prefer, but pets will only eat when they are hungry.

How many pets can I have?

Each pet house can host a maximum of three pets.

Dogs and Cats

2 houses, where you can have a maximum of 6 pets

Puppy and Kitten house

2 houses, where you can have a maximum of 6 pets


2 stables, where you can have a maximum of 6 donkeys


2 houses, where you can have a maximum of 6 bunnies


4 stables, where you can have a maximum of 10 horses

How do I store, sell or delete buildings and animals?

At the moment there is no option in Hay Day to store, sell or delete buildings and animals – as each and every building and animal you purchase has a purpose on your farm.

Using your buildings to create products and feeding your animals will provide the rewards(coins and experience points) that help you to complete those deliveries and orders that help you progress through the game!

You can however store decorations in order to make room for more machines or other decorations. They will be kept safe and can be retrieved easily from storage through the decoration tab in the in-game shop. This way you can safely store and re-use those seasonal decorations which are only available for a short amount of time in the game.

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