Welcome to the Town: Hay Day

At level 34 in Hay Day you receive a train track that leads to new land. The Mayor has deemed you fit to rebuild and manage your own little Town with new buildings and decorations! Repair the platform next to your neighborhood house for 39.000 coins and tap on the handcar when it is ready, and you will be transported to a rundown town that needs some fixing!

Repair the train station and clear up some trees and rocks to create space for some service buildings like a grocery store, cinema and others that will unlock as you go along. The EGGspress train will come by your Town to drop off interesting visitors who are stopping by for some rest and some delicious products made on your farm. Once the visitors arrive to your Town, you will need to tap on him/her and send them to an available service building. When the visitor is in the building, tapping on him/her will reveal up to 4 different produce, which are all needed to serve them and make them happy; you only need to drag & drop one of the items to the visitor, and the other possible items will automatically follow.

Repairing the Town Hall will allow you to keep track of the visitors in your Town and upgrading it will increase the capacity of your town to host more visitors. If you lose track of a visitor and can’t find them, they could have wandered off behind some trees! You can use the Town Hall to send them to an available building in your Town.

Each visitor will reward you with some coins, XP and reputation points. Reputation points are only awarded in the Town and are added up to allow new un-lockable features and upgrades. Think of them as how happy your visitor is after your service and trying out the fresh produce from your farm. If you complete all their visit requests to different buildings around the Town they will reward you with a special upgrade item that is unique to the Town area.

Upgrade and expansion items

The new upgrade and expansion items are unique to the Town and can only be used there. You will need these new items in order to upgrade your service buildings in your Town and also to expand your Town Area. Keep in mind that you will need the normal upgrade and expansion materials from your farm in the Town as well.

You will get these new items as a reward from your Town visitors by serving them at the different service buildings. Also, you can find them in mystery packages you receive as a reward for helping your friends, as well as from the mystery nets. Speeding up the waiting time with diamonds is also an option.

The new upgrade and expansion items are: brick, hammer, hand drill, paint bucket, stone block, tar bucket and map piece.

For more info on the town, you can check out our Tutorial Video section.

What are the reputation points?

Reputation Points can be thought of as how happy your visitor is after you serve them and they have tried some delicious pie or muffins from your farm. ☺

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Every time you serve a visitor in your Town you will earn Reputation Points. These Reputation Points are required to upgrade your buildings in your town, to buy new Service buildings and also to unlock new features in the Town area.

You can keep track of your Reputation Points, as there is a bar right under your experience points. Also, keep in mind that the Reputation Points are only achieved and counted in the Town area, not at your farm.

You can also check out our Tutorial Video section for more help.

How does my personal train work?

Your personal train will unlock at reputation level 4. This train is quite different from the normal EGGspress train, as you can use it to pick up visitors from your neighborhood friends platforms (and your neighbors can do the same).

Repair the train for 13.000 coins and tap on it to see which friend from your neighborhood has some visitors idly waiting on their platforms. Tap on your friend’s avatar and you will be taken to their farm, tap on a visitor (or their train station) and a pop-up window will appear where you can choose a visitor or two to take back to your Town! Send them there by tapping on the train icon at the bottom right corner of the window.

A couple things to keep in mind: You can only serve visitors you pick up from your neighbors once. You will need to be quick! If the EGGspress Train arrives before you get to your neighbor’s Town, it will pick all visitors from the platform and take the visitors home.

How do I upgrade a building?

Upgrading your Town’s buildings is a great way to have more going on in your charming little Town. The service buildings, like the grocery store and cinema, come with one slot for one visitor. Next to the visitor’s slot, there is a green arrow that indicates the possibility for an upgrade.

Tapping on the green arrow brings up a pop-up window with 4 upgrade possibilities.

– **Visitor slots:** tap on this to upgrade the amount of visitors in the same building at once.

– **Extra coins:** upgrading this will generate more coins from visitors

– **Experience and reputation points:** upgrade this function to receive more experience and more reputation points.

– **Service time:** upgrading the time will speed up the service for each visitor

Tapping on each of these categories will bring up a list of new and old expansion and upgrade items that you need to complete the upgrade. These items are given by visitors after a successful visit to a service building.

Treasure Chests

Have you noticed a Treasure Chest popping up every so often in your Town?

It works exactly like the red mystery tool box in your farm! You can get a variety of items from the Treasure Chest that will help you in your farm and your Town. Hint: keep an eye out for Treasure Chests past the shores, over and out by the water!!

Oh, and don’t forget to look for Treasure Chests in your friends’ Towns! They may appear there as well 😉

What is the Town Package?

The Town Package is a mystery package that is unique to the Town area! It contains items that are valuable to helping your Town grow …think expansion items 😉

To get Town Packages, go into your farm’s Gift Catalog and on the right side of the catalog, where you normally find the mystery decoration packages, you will once in a while see the Town Package appear! The game will randomly generate between the mystery decorations and the Town package.

You will be able to purchase the Town package for 10 gift cards.

How do I get more visitors to my Town?

To get more visitors to your Town, you will have to upgrade the Train Station.

Tap on the Train Station, then tap on the “upgrade” button. You will then see the current Train Capacity and the train capacity after the upgrade. If you have all the needed upgrade materials, you can upgrade your EGGspress Train and get more visitors with the next scheduled train.

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Keep in mind that in order to get more visitors, you’ll also need a Town big enough to host them. Check your Town Hall and see your current visitor capacity. If you already reached the limit, you will not be able to get more visitors before some of the current ones leave.

You can of course increase the Visitor Capacity of your Town and avoid these kind of problems. Nobody wants to visit an overly crowded Town. 😉

How do I serve my visitors?

Once the visitors arrive to your Town, you will need to tap on them in order to send them to a Service Building that is available.

After the visitors have walked to the buildings, you can serve them by tapping on the building (i.e.: the Grocery Store) and then tapping on the visitor. He or she will ask for up to 4 different produce, which are all needed to make him or her happy. You only need to drag and drop one of the items to the visitor, and the other requested items will automatically follow.

All the items the visitors will ask for can all be made in your farm… it is a good thing that you have a great farm running efficiently!

From time to time a visitor may wonder off around your Town and hide behind a tree or building. If you lose track of one, or you just want to remember who’s where and doing what, simply tap on the Town Hall where a full list of the visitors currently in your Town will appear. Tap on one name to make that visitor immediately visible.

If you manage to complete all of one visitors requests (i.e.: serving them in all the different buildings around Town), you will get a special reward, with high chances of it being one of the new upgrade or expansion items needed in your Town area.

Town hall, Train station and Personal Train capacity

Your Town is probably starting to look great with more buildings that could use more visitors in them, which means that you might want to consider increasing the capacity of your Town. There are 3 main upgrades (Town Hall, Train Station and Personal Train) that will help you service more visitors at the same time.

**Upgrading your Town Hall** will allow you to host more visitors in your Town. Simply tap on your Town Hall and you will see the “visitor capacity” showing how many visitors are currently in town and how many there could be all together. To host more visitors, tap on the “upgrade” which will reveal what items are needed. The Town Hall requires: stone blocks, hammer, and paint buckets.

When you have more capacity to host more visitors in your Town, you can **upgrade the Train Station** to have more visitors arriving with the next EGGspress Train. Tap on the “upgrade” button to reveal what items are needed. The Train Station requires: tar buckets, bricks and hand drills. Also keep in mind that depending on how many visitors are currently in your town, the EGGspress train will only bring enough visitors to correspond with maximum visitor capacity in the Town Hall.

You can also **upgrade your Personal Train** to pick up more visitors from your neighborhood friends’ Towns, or to reduce the maintenance time of your Personal Train. Just tap on your Train, then tap “upgrade” and choose what you want to upgrade! Items needed for this upgrade can be found in the mine on your farm and produced in the smelter. These materials are: refined coal, iron bar and silver bar.

If you have any further questions concerning the Town, please check our Tutorial Video section.

How to send visitors away?

With more and more visitors arriving to your Town, it can be rather hard to keep up with them or serve them all. You can send visitors away by making them catch the next train arriving to your Town!

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When you tap on a visitor, he or she will ask to go to some of your service buildings, and if you are past reputation level 3 you will have the option to send them away! Tap on “Send Away” and they will ask if you are sure you want them to leave, tap on it again and they will walk to train station platform to wait for a train.

-If a visitor is already inside a service building, taping on them will show you the products that they need. Check the bottom of it and you should be able to spot a yellow button with two arrows. Tap it and you will access the second page, that will show you a train icon. Just drag the train to the visitor and he will be on his way to the train.

Please note that once you confirm to send them away, you cannot serve them again!

Town Request Board

Notice the wooden notice board next to the handcar that takes you to town? That is the Town Request Board. It shows what produce you will need for each visitor waiting to be served.

Instead of going back and forth between your Town and Farm to see what products you need to serve your visitors, the Town Request Board has been added to Hay Day to make it easier for you to efficiently produce items for your Town.

How to upgrade service building slots?

Are you having trouble upgrading your town building? Here’s how you do it! For example, if you want to increase the visitor slots in the grocery store, just follow these steps:

* Tap on the ‘Grocery store’

* Next to the visitor slots you will notice a green arrow mark with ‘+’ symbol. tap on it.

* Tapping on the green arrow brings up a pop-up window with 4 upgrade possibilities.

* Visitor slots: tap on this to upgrade the number of visitors you can serve in the Grocery store at the same time.

Also make sure that you have enough number of the required materials in order to upgrade the slots in the buildings. The procedure to upgrade the visitor slots remains same in all the service buildings, though, the materials required might be different.

Town and Personal Train improvements

It was about time! We made changes to the Town so that is easier and faster to manage all your visitors. Check out the now interface, sorted by the following tabs:

  • Idle
  • Waiting
  • Serving
  • Ready
  • Leaving

We also made improvements to the Personal Train!

You will be able to see how many visitors you can pick up from your friends in the main screen! This will save you time when choosing from which friend you will pick up visitors

Pick up visitors from multiple towns!

Now is possible to use maximize the use of your personal train! You will be able to pick up visitors from multiple towns until the capacity of your personal train is full. Once you reach the max capacity, you can head back to your town and serve those visitors. A marvellous town makes happy visitors

Help feature in Town

Help features have been expanded! You can now request for help from other farmers and neighbors in your Town. Help can be requested on each visitor separately just like in the boat. Tap on a visitor and then place the exclamation mark on them to request for help. You can get up to 3 help requests per day from other farmers globally and 1 more exclusive to your neighbors, for the total of 4 per day.

Farmers can find the help request through the Daily Dirt. Upon entering your farm, the exclamation mark will appear on the handcar. After tapping on it they will be guided to your Town to fulfill their requests.
The building requiring help will be easy to spot since it will have a huge bell above the roof. Rewards for the helping farmer will include not only the usual thank-you note, but also the XP, Reputation and Coin rewards offered by the specific visitor’s request. All in one go!

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