Beginner’s Guide for Hay Day

Need construction or expansion items

You can find construction and expansion items, like duct tape, planks, marker stakes, mallets and others, by harvesting your fields, collecting products or opening red tool boxes.

You can also buy them in the newspaper or from your neighbors and friends if they have some to spare. We advise to check regularly in the ads and in other farm’s roadside shops to take advantage of any offer you might find!

In case you don’t find enough, you can buy these items with diamonds by clicking on the “+” button next to them.

Mid level rewards

Starting at Level 15 you will be rewarded for the progress you make in the game!

Do you see those marks in your XP (experience) bar? Those marks indicate at what point you will receive a special gift to reward the efforts and hard work you put in your farm.

Keep harvesting crops, completing orders and what ever else you do on your farm, and you will be able to receive those extra rewards 😉

How do I move something on my farm?

You can move around buildings, pens, fields and trees by tapping and holding the item you want to move, and when it starts to flash you can move it to a new free location.

  1. First tap and hold the object you want to move.
  2. Once the object starts to flash and shows the rotation menu, you can drag it around freely as long as you don’t let go of it.
  3. Now simply drag and drop the object onto a cleared area on the farm. Note that When the object shows a red color, the location is invalid.
  4. If at any time your object is stuck behind another building, just tap and hold the hidden part of the object you want to select.

How do trees and bushes work?

Trees and bushes are different than other crops. You can place fruit trees and berries bushes in your farm and you can collect fruit or berries from them for three times in a row.

After that, you can ask your friends and fellow farmers to help you with an additional harvest. Just drop the “!” sign next to the dying tree / bush and any other farmer who will visit your farm will be able to revive them, giving you the possibility to collect fruits and berries one more time. If you are connected to Facebook, you can even use the “megaphone” to let your Facebook friends know that you need help in your farm!

When you’ve collected fruits or berries the fourth time, unfortunately the trees and bushes will die. You will have to cut them down to clear space in your farm and plant more!

How does the Mine work?

To excavate ores, you will need to use either TNT, shovels, pickaxes or dynamite in the Mine (starting at level 24)! With these explosives and tools, you will collect different kinds of ores that can be used in the Smelter to make gold, silver, platinum, iron or refined coal bars.

If you’re lucky, some diamonds may also be found. Also remember to check the newspaper ads and your friends shops: they may have ore and bars for you to purchase!

How to get rid of the scarecrow? (Who is he?)

The Scarecrow is meant to be the friendly neighborhood assistant to help explain features of the game with quick and easy tutorials.

Once you complete the steps of the tutorial he is currently showing you, he will go away until you discover the next new feature.

If you have more questions about the Scarecrow, a specific tutorial, or are having trouble – you can feel free to search the FAQs for the specific topic the tutorial is about.

I lost a field/ decoration/ other item (Can’t find it)

Items like fields, decorations/ other items on your farm, cannot be lost, stolen or go missing, however they can be misplaced or they can be hidden somewhere.

It may be that your lost item is stuck behind a building that cannot be moved (like your main house or the truck delivery board), just tap and hold on the building where the item is hidden behind and move the item as soon as it becomes visible. Please check carefully behind trees, buildings, other animals, fences and such.

How do I expand my farm?

On the right hand of your farm you have the possibility to buy additional land slots in order to obtain more space for your diverse farm activities. This addition to the game will be unlocked once you reach level 22 . You can choose the field you wish to expand and click on it. Land deeds, mallets and marker stakes are needed for a land expansion. The number of tools needed depends on the size of the lot of land and is indicated once you tap on it:

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In the example below 15 each are needed of land deeds, mallets and marker stakes. The numbers on the left indicate how many tools you have, the numbers on the right how many you still need. In order to purchase the land expansion above, two more land deeds are needed.

You can acquire them in one of two ways: wait until the missing land deeds are found through playing the game (harvesting crops, collecting products from animals, spinning the wheel etc.), or you can purchase the missing land deeds for 24 diamonds by clicking on the “+” icon. Using the second option, you will be immediately able to expand your farm.

When all the necessary tools have been collecte, the green round button on the right can be tapped to expand the farm.

With more land plots you’ll be able to have even more fun with your farm!

Where can I buy diamonds and coins?

If you are in need of more diamonds & coins to finish upgrades or buy items in Hay Day, the only way to do that is through the in-game shop which runs via iTunes and Google Play.

There are several third party websites who offer in game currency for Hay Day. Please notice that using sites like these is against our terms of service, and we reserve the right to take actions against accounts that do not follow our terms of service. Often these third parties will ask for your Game Center credentials. If you share your Game Center ID and password with somebody, this person might be able to access your game through Game Center.

In case you have purchased diamonds from somewhere other than through the game, we unfortunately cannot assist you any further as it is a violation of our Terms and Conditions.

How many bees can I have?

All our farmers start with a tree with one beehive. As your bees gather more and more nectar, they will become more adept at gathering the sweet stuff. Gather enough nectar and you will be able to hang another beehive from the same tree. You can look up how much nectar has been gathered for thе tree by selecting the tree and by tapping on the “i” icon.

Your tree can hold up to 4 beehives and each hive can house up to 3 bees. With 3 bees per hive, you can have a total of 12 bees. Meaning you will be able to collect a lot more nectar with all those bees buzzing around!

Be careful, bees don’t like to be put in beehives that already have too many bees. If you get a message that a hive already has the maximum amount of bees, simply drag the bees you want to buy to another beehive.

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to bee-coming a successful beekeeper!

How do I get diamonds?

There are several ways you can get diamonds in Hay Day:

  1. Finding and opening red tool boxes: you can find these mystery boxes both in your own farm and other players’ farms.
  2. Levelling up
  3. Completing your achievements! Check the farm house for the list of achievements.
  4. Mining: With good luck, you might also find a diamond every now and then while mining ores (starting from level 24).
  5. Participating in events may reward you with various rewards, of which diamonds are also a possibility.
  6. Catching a new type of fish or catching a previously uncaught weight class will earn you diamonds.
  7. Sometimes the Mystery Packages from the catalog can contain diamonds.
  8. Diamonds can also be found when using a Mystery Net.
  9. It is rumored even Alfred could come over for a visit and leave a package on your doorstep with some shiny objects inside.
  10. In addition to all that, you can always buy diamonds by tapping on the “+” button next to your diamond balance.

Decorative Animals

Frogs, foxes, butterflies, birds and others are decorative animals, and they visit the farms every now and then. They have no particular aim and they do not threaten the farm in any way. Some decorations may increase the possibility to have more of them (just check the description of the decoration), but unfortunately we cannot put these animals in the farms or take them away.

Please, also notice that these animals need free space in order to move, so if your farm is a little crowded they may be stuck and unable to move from their spot. You may want to consider storing some decorations and rearranging the farm’s design to leave them more free space.

Some decorations may increase the possibility to have more of a certain type of animal, for example adding a pond will increase the number of frogs that visit your farm and a birdhouse may attract more birds. Tap repeatedly on the decoration to attract your desired animals.

You can check the description of the decoration for more information.

How can I get more Coins?

There are several ways you can get coins for your farm:

  1. Finding and opening red toolboxes: You can find mystery boxes Both in your own farm and other player’s farms.
  2. Play every day in the wheel of fortune! You might be the lucky winner of the jackpot!
  3. Sell your products in your Roadside shop! You can adjust the selling price to have the best offer in the market!
  4. Sell products to the visitors in your farm: These visitors will stand next to your house and ask for different kind of products in exchange of some coins. ☺
  5. Complete car orders: Send your products to different vendors and get coins + XP points!
  6. Load cargo for the boat: for every crate did you complete, you will be rewarded with coins and XP points.
  7. Serve Town visitors: Every time you serve the visitors of your town, you will be rewarded with coins.
  8. Participating in some events may reward you with various rewards, like double amount of coins, among others.
  9. In addition to all that, you can always buy coins by tapping on the “+” button next to your coin balance.
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Lumberjack for hire?

The lumberjack is your friendly neighbor Greg, armed with axes and saws to clear your farm of any dead trees and bushes. This is an offer and will make limited appearances from Level 25 onward. It only triggers if your farm has 20 or more permanently dead trees and bushes at the time of the offer.

Please keep in mind that Greg won’t appear on your farm, but you will see selected dead bushes and trees all getting chopped and sawed down at the same time.

Hiring the Lumberjack will save you 50% off the full diamond price (50% off from what you would pay if you bought axes and saws with diamonds to cut down your dead bushes and trees), and he will cut down 20 at a time. What he cuts down will depend on what dead trees and bushes you have on your farm. If you have dead nectar bushes, these will be targeted first, followed by a random selection of dead trees and bushes. It’s the most aMOOzing way to quickly get rid of the ‘dead wood’ off your farm!

Help feature in Truck

You can now request for help from other farmers and neighbors in your Truck Board. Help can be requested on each Truck Order separately just like in the boat. Tap on an Order and then place the exclamation mark on it to request for help. You can get up to 3 help requests per day from other farmers globally and 1 more exclusive to your neighbors, for the total of 4 per day.

Farmers can find the help request through the Daily Dirt. Upon entering your farm, the exclamation mark will appear on the Truck Board. After tapping on it, the Board will open up to fulfill the requests. Rewards for the helping farmer will include not only the usual thank-you note, but also the rewards offered by the specific order. All in one go!

How do I get fuel?

In order to move around the map you will need fuel. The fuel icon will be located in the bottom right of the screen of the Valley and it will show the amount of fuel units you have. One Unit of fuel equals one movement point.

Tap on that button and it will take you to the fuel generator. You will get a free fuel spin every day to get fuel for your truck in the Valley.

What if I want to keep moving once my fuel is out?

You can perform fuel tasks during the day. Those tasks are set for 24hrs (same tasks all day) and can be done an unlimited number of times. Fuel tasks are represented with a sun icon, so completing these tasks will give you sun points. Once you complete the bar with sun points, you will get a new fuel spin for fuel.

How do I get Tokens?

Completing tasks in the Valley will award you currency. This currency is called Tokens.

There are 3 new tokens that you will obtain in the Valley when doing tasks and also by helping broken down trucks. They are the green, red and blue tokens.

How to use the currency?
There will be 2 shops

-The first shop is available for everyone and you will be able to purchase items from there. You will be able to buy for example: Expansion materials, puzzle pieces, expansion permits, and other valuable items.

-The second shop you need to unlock. To unlock this shop you need Chickens. In this second shop you will use the tokens too, but the pool of items to purchase is much more valuable and exclusive.

How do I get Chickens?

Along the Valley you will find Chickens.You will find these Chickens in road stops, Group order requests and daily quests.

Chickens are used to unlock the second tab of the shop. Chickens belong to the group, they are not individual. (If I get one, it counts as one for the group). You will see the amount of chickens the group has in the shop screen.

Chickens can be found in:

-Daily quests
-Group order requests
-Road stops (empty nodes)

Daily quests

During the duration of the season you will be able to do different quests that will lead you to get prizes. Theses prizes are different mystery chests! The daily quests are represented with a calendar icon. it’s located on the bottom right of the screen in the Valley, just above the fuel icon. You can unlock different mystery boxes once you have completed some daily quests. After 24hrs, the quests will reset and new quests will be available.

How does the Valley map get populated?

Roughly 60 players per map will be visible. If you are in a Neighborhood, you will see all of your neighbors and the rest of the spots will be populated by other players you probably don’t know. It could be other neighborhoods or solo players.

If players in your map stop playing, new players will be brought in so that the Valley is always lively.

Your friends (Facebook, followers) will not be added to your map.

Valley shop(s)

There will be 2 new shops in the Valley

The first shop is available for everyone and you will be able to purchase items from there. You will be able to buy expansion materials, puzzle pieces, expansion permits, and other valuable items.

The second shop you need to unlock. To unlock this shop you need chickens. In this second shop you will use the new currency too, but the pool of items to purchase is much more exclusive. You will find here a exclusive and unique decoration, diamond reward and boosters.

Supercell ID decoration

Did you know that you can get this Amoooozing Pig Rider statue by just connecting to Supercell ID? Keep your farm safe and get this cute statue in the process for free! You can sign up for a Supercell ID in the game’s settings. Just tap the button under ”Supercell ID” to get started.

Transfer my farm from an Android to an Android device

If you would like to play your farm on two different Android devices, all you need to do is connect your farm to the same Google+ account on both devices.

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Please follow these steps:

– Make sure the Google account that you are using on your primary device (where you are currently playing) is joined to Google+

– On your primary (main) device, open Hay Day and go to Settings to make sure your game is connected to Google+

– Now make sure you are using the same Google account on your secondary device — if not, go to Settings > Accounts, and press ‘+ Add account’ to add the Google account you use on your primary device to be the same as the one on your secondary device

– Now start a new game of Hay Day on your secondary device, and complete the intro tutorial

– Open the in-game settings and press ‘G+’ to connect to the same Google+ account that your farm is linked to

This should do the trick, and Hay Day should now offer to load up your old farm.

Transfer my farm from an iOS to an Android device/ vice versa

The only way to transfer your farm from an iOS device to an Android device (or vice versa) is by using a Facebook account . You need to have access to both your iOS device and Android device to do this.


To transfer your farm, your iOS account needs to be connected to the correct Facebook account. For Android, open Hay Day and connect your farm to Facebook in the in-game settings by clicking the Facebook connection button.

And proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Facebook app on the device where you have the farm you want to transfer and make sure you are logged in with the Facebook app and in your device’s settings
  2. Start the game on the device that has the farm you want to transfer, tap Settings and make sure your farm is connected as well
  3. Open the Facebook app on the device you want to transfer the farm to and make sure you are logged in here with the same Facebook account linked to your farm on the other device
  4. Go to the device’s settings and make sure you are also logged in here with your Facebook account
  5. Launch the game on the new device and play the tutorial till you can tap the in-game Settings button.
  6. Now tap “Connect to Facebook” and select the Facebook account you have the original farm attached to

If you are using an iOS device with iOS6 or higher, you will need to be logged in with Facebook in your device’s settings. Open the device’s settings and scroll down till you notice Facebook. Tap on it to check if you are logged in with your account. Always check if Hay Day is to be found in the list of applications that have access to your account and that this is turned on.

If you want to play the same game both on iOs and Android devices, you can only do so if the farm is connected to Facebook.

How do I play my Farm on a new device?

If you recently got a new device and you want to play your old farm on it, please follow the simple steps below.

In the case you want to transfer your farm from an iOS device to an Android device, please follow the instructions detailed here.


  1. Attach your old farm to a Game Center account – To do so: enter your old device setting > find and select the Game Center > log in with your username and password (they are the same as your Apple ID) or create a new free account. While logged in, launch the game. If you get the “Welcome back, _yourusername_” message on the top of the screen, your farm is now attached to your Game Center account!
  2. Load your farm on the new device – To do so: enter your new device setting > login with the same username and password you used in the old device. While logged in, launch the game.
  3. Tap “Yes, load game” to load your old farm on the new device and delete the farm currently present on it. You will then have to confirm your choice by typing “confirm” in the appropriate field.

If your farm is attached to a Facebook account you can of course substitute Game Center or Google+ with Facebook. Make sure you are logged in with the correct Facebook account and link your farm to Facebook using the in-game Settings.

How do I delete my account?

One of our goals when designing games is to not make players burn out and get over exhausted. We understand that sometimes this can still happen. If you need a break we recommend connecting to Supercell ID to save your progress, before deleting the app and taking some time off.

If your intention is to start a new game account you can easily do this without deleting your current account. Make sure your account is connected to Supercell ID, log out from the settings menu and start a new game by selecting “Play without Supercell ID”. Once you have your new game started we recommend connecting to Supercell ID to keep the game account safe.

If you still want to delete your game account please contact us through the game account you wish to delete. Open the application, go to settings, tap on help and support and on contact us.

We’ll proceed with deleting your account once we have received confirmation from you and when we have confirmed that you are the owner of the account in question (in some cases additional questions might be needed to confirm ownership of the account before we proceed).

Please note that this means permanent closure and deletion of your game account. This includes all in-game currency and progress whether paid for or not. Once the game account is deleted it can not be retrieved anymore. In the case that your account is connected to Supercell ID, all other game accounts in other Supercell games connected to the same Supercell ID will also be deleted.

Also note that if we delete your account, we will retain your personal data as necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. For more information visit our privacy policy:

If you wish to cancel your deletion request you will have to contact us again as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that the deletion can still be canceled after the request has been received.

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