Hay Day: Fishing Area Guide

The Fishing Lake in Hay Day is unlocked at Farm level 27, by repairing the Fishing Boat on the Farm. Repairing the boat costs 35,000 coins and once repaired, tapping the boat will take you to the fishing area!

First Fishing area visit

When you visit the Fishing area for the primary time, Angus, a non-player character (NPC) also called the player’s uncle, will greet you and show you a tutorial about fishing!

He will ask you again, to introduce Net Maker and also the Duck Salon, when these are unlocked. Angus will facilitate your out whenever needed, simply poke him to determine the tutorial again.

Catching Fish

Fishing is pretty simple and fun! As you progress to different Fishing areas and begin to chase rare fish, it’ll get tougher.

To get started:

  • Find an open Fishing area, tap & hold a Lure
  • Drag & drop it into the water
  • attempt to attract a fish to the bait by slowly moving the Lure round the Fishing area
  • When a fish bites, a circle will appear round the pool and can start to shut
  • you wish to stay the hooked fish inside the circle by moving the road within the other way that the fish is swimming
  • If you’ll keep the fish inside the circle until it closes, you may make the cardboard and it’ll be recorded within the Fishing Book
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Don’t worry about those that got away, you’ll be able to try again until you discover a catch! You won’t lose the Lure if the fish manages to wriggle loose, but that one specific fish you may have caught is gone.

Why do my fish escape?

Fishing within the game increases in difficulty after you use certain Lures or once you happen to urge a rare fish species to catch on. The rarer the fish, the harder it’s to catch it, as they have an inclination to wiggle around and become independent from from the Lures!

When you have the fish closed into the green circle, just confirm to not lift your finger from the screen until it jumps out of the water.

Fishing Book

The Fishing Book is accessed by tapping on your Fisherman’s Hut.

When you open the scrapbook, you’ll find a set of fishes you have got caught! There are 43 different fish species to be caught. Once you catch a replacement fish type, return to your fist scrapbook, and you may find its picture. If the image of the fish is flashing, it means there’s a souvenir to be collected!


The rewards you receive depend on the weight of the fish!

The heavier the catch, the higher the reward:

  • Small fish (Bronze category): 1 diamond
  • Medium fish (Silver category): 2 diamonds
  • Big fish (Gold category): 3 diamonds
  • Large fish (Platinum category): 4 diamonds

Useful to know

  • Lure Hints

The Fishing Book also has hints about what type of Lures attract each type of fish, and the best Fishing areas to find them! This will help you learn how to catch a specific type of fish.

  • Fish Description
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Tap & hold the fish pictures to read a brief description of the different types of fish.

Lures & Nets & Traps

Lure Workbench

Fishing Lures will be produced by the Lure Workbench, which is given free once you unlocked the Fishing area. There are 5 different styles of Lures and every one attracts a unique kind of fish. You don’t need any resources to supply the Red Lure, but you may need Vouchers to supply other Lures like Green, Blue, Purple and Gold Lures.

Net Maker

Net Maker is unlockable at Farm level 30 and it costs 28.000 Coins to repair. it’s accustomed produce Fishing Nets, Mystery Nets, Lobster Traps and Duck Traps.

Fishing Nets are accustomed catch 3 fishes and it doesn’t need anything to form. While Mystery Nets also catch 3 fishes at a time, but it’s going to also contain Unique Decoration which will only be obtained by Mystery Net itself. Sometimes Mystery Nets might surprise you with diamonds, supplies and Vouchers too!

Note that 5 diamonds are needed to provide each Mystery Net.

Upgrading Buildings

Each Fishing area’s Production Buildings include 2 slots to start out. You’ll be able to unlock more slots up to a maximum of 9 slots by using diamonds. Note that the diamond costs for every slot increases, from 10 diamonds for 3rd slot to 415 diamonds required for 9th slot.

All the Lures, Nets and Traps are stored within the Tackle box and this stuff can not be sold.

Lobsters & Ducks


Lobster Pool are going to be unlocked at Farm level 44 and it costs 80.000 Coins to repair. it’s where your Lobsters will swim while their Tails are prepared. To catch Lobsters, you may need Lobster Traps which might be made within the Net Maker.

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When you first unlock the Lobster Pool, there’s merely enough space for one Lobster. But you’ll upgrade the Lobster Pool to form up to six spaces for Lobsters to swim within the Pool.

Upgrading Lobster Pool costs:

  • 2nd seat: 45.000 Coins
  • 3rd seat: 52.500 Coins
  • 4th seat: 63.800 Coins
  • 5th seat: 79.800 Coins
  • 6th seat: 102.000 Coins

You may also use diamonds to hurry up the upgrade, the value may vary betting on the seat.

Lobster Tails are accustomed produce items like Frutti di Mare Pizza, Lobster Soup, Skewer, Sushi, Salad and delicious Pasta within the game.


Duck Salon may be unlocked at Farm level 50 and 90.000 Coins are required to repair. The Salon is where your Ducks are going to be pampered so as to retrieve their beautiful Feathers. Once the Salon is constructed, Duck Traps, the Yellow Rubber Ducky Tube, are going to be available to form in Net Maker.

Like the Lobster Pool, the Duck Salon is upgraded 5 times to carry up to six Ducks at a time, with a unique costs:

  • 2nd seat: 51.000 Coins
  • 3rd seat: 59.000 Coins
  • 4th seat: 72.000 Coins
  • 5th seat: 90.000 Coins
  • 6th seat: 115.000 Coins

Duck Feathers are accustomed make products like Pillow, Blanket, high hat and delightful Sun Hat within the game.

Unlike other Production Buildings, Lobster Pool and Duck Salon can’t be moved or rotated. These buildings cannot earn Mastery Stars.

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