Puzzle Combat – Gameplay: Getting Started Guide

What are Valor Chests?

Valor Chests can be earned both as a reward from the Path of Valor and for collecting Valor Points once all the Milestones have been reached. Players can collect additional Valor Chests if they gain more Valor Points after completing all the Milestones of the current Path of Valor.

There is a tracker under the rewards tab in the Path of Valor which, once the player has reached the 50th milestone, will begin tracking additional Valor Points. After every 1000 additional Valor Points, a player can gain a Valor Chest. At the end of each Path of Valor, the collected Valor Chests are automatically claimed and the Valor Points are reset to 0.

What is the Weaponsmith?

The Weaponsmith is an Advanced Building that becomes available once your Headquarters has been upgraded to level 10. A second Weaponsmith becomes available once the Headquarters is at level 15.

Once the Headquarters has been upgraded, you can convert a building that is level 5 or higher into a Weaponsmith. Quarters for recruits, Food and Metal Storages cannot be converted to a Weaponsmith. Converting a building to Weaponsmith costs Metal. Once you have upgraded a building to a Weaponsmith, you can move it by converting any suitable building without a cost or loss of progress.

The Weaponsmith is used to assemble Weapons and Weapon Parts using different assembling options. As you level up your Headquarters, you can upgrade your Weaponsmith. Each new level in the building will unlock new assembly options for different Weapons and Weapon Parts, including chances for Rare, Epic and Legendary Weapons at the highest level.

After the Weaponsmith is finished upgrading, you will need to research before you can assemble new parts or weapons. Researching requires Food, the higher-level research you do, the higher the Food cost. Please note that researching does not result in a Weapon or Weapon part. Only assembling will result in a new Weapon or part.

Once the research is complete, you can start assembling! Each type of Weapon or part requires different resources as well as training times. The Weapon or Weapon Part you receive in the Weaponsmith assembly is selected randomly based on different probabilities depending on the rarity of the Weapon or part.

How do the Hero Classes work?

Each Hero Class has its own unique Talent Grid in which a Player can customize their Heroes attributes.

The Talent Grid can be accessed by clicking ‘Talent Grid’ on the bottom of the Hero once it has reached its maximum Special Skill, Promotion tier and level.

To advance through the Talent Grid, you need Emblems relative to the Hero Class you are accessing.

If you need to reset a Heroes Talent Grid, there is a reset button. You can use a Reset Emblem or gold to reset a Talent Grid. Reset Emblems can be used for a reset with no gold cost or Emblem penalties.

What is the Valor Pass?

The Valor Pass is a purchasable offer which grants you Premium Rewards on top of the Free Rewards. It is valid for 50 days which is the duration of the Path of Valor Event.

When Challenges are completed, Valor Points are rewarded. Accumulating Valor Points lets you reach Path of Valor Milestones and unlock fantastic Rewards!

When the Path of Valor is closed, there will be a break before the next Path of Valor Event. During the break, it is not possible to buy the Valor Pass, nor to gather Valor Points.

What is the Path of Valor?

Path of Valor is a brand new 50-day event, featuring Daily Challenges and Valor Challenges. By completing the challenges you earn Valor Points.

Accumulating Valor Points lets you reach the Path of Valor Milestones and unlock fantastic rewards! Each Milestone can have normal rewards and premium rewards. Premium rewards are only available for players with an active Valor Pass.

What are Daily Challenges and Valor Challenges?

Daily Challenges in the Path of Valor change every day. You only have 24 hours to complete them.

Some of the Daily Challenges have special requirements, such as completing a certain number of stages, or crafting specific items.

You will receive Valor Points for each completed Daily Challenge, so make sure to complete all of them each day!

Valor Challenges are active for the whole duration of the Path of Valor (50 days). These are Tiered; completing one Valor Challenge will reveal the next Tier of that Challenge.

Once Valor Challenges have been completed, Valor Points are earned.

Can I demolish buildings?

It’s not possible to demolish buildings. You can, however, move them by holding your finger over the building and moving it.

Please note that it is not possible to build any “wrong” buildings in the game. You will end up getting all the possible buildings as the game progresses.

Upgrading your Headquarters

Upgrading the Headquarters opens up new areas and plots for buildings at your base. Please note however that not every level of Headquarters extends your building area.

The higher you level your Headquarters, the higher you can level your other buildings as well.

Currently, you can build your Headquarters to a maximum of level 20, but this may expand in the future.

What are Training Schools?

Need more heroes? Train your own in your Training Schools!

Upgrading your Training Schools provides a different type of hero, with chances for Rare, Epic and Legendary heroes at the higher level Training Schools.

Each Training School requires food, loot and recruits to train heroes, and iron to upgrade.

There are three (3) phases to the Training Schools:

  • Upgrade: as you level up your Headquarters, you can upgrade your Training Schools. Each new level unlocks a new type of hero training.
  • Research: after the Training School is finished upgrading, you will need to research before you can train new heroes. Researching requires food, the higher level research you do the more the food cost. Please note – researching does not result in a hero. Only training will result in a new hero.
  • Train: Once the research is complete, you can start training your heroes! Each type of hero requires different resources as well as training times.

What is an Elemental Shield?

Elemental Shields reflect all status effects and damage from a Hero of that element. For example, a yellow Elemental Shield will reflect all damage and status effects from yellow Heroes. Elemental Shields appear in Challenge Events, Mercenary Events, high-rarity War Machines and Rare War Machines.

What are Mercenary family bonuses?

Mercenary Heroes have an innate ability to deal an extra 10% damage when attacking a weaker element. They also receive 10% more damage when being attacked by a Hero of the stronger element.

Mercenary Heroes also receive bonuses in the Mercenary Event stages. The bonuses increase with the amount of unique Mercenary Heroes that you have in your team.

1 Mercenary Hero – +4% increased attack and defense

2 Mercenary Heroes – +8% increased attack and defense

3 Mercenary Heroes – +12% increased attack and defense

4 Mercenary Heroes – +16% increased attack and defense

5 Mercenary Heroes – +20% increased attack and defense

Is it possible to trade items?

It is not currently possible to trade items between players in Puzzle Combat. That being said we are always looking for ways to improve the game and future updates may include new features related to trading in some form.

How do I get a Rare Wanted Mission chest?

Rare Wanted Mission chests are rare and appear randomly, as long as you continue completing your regular Wanted Mission chests.

There are five (5) types of Rare Wanted Missions, one for each corresponding Element. Each one you complete offers the chance for improved loot and ascension items. You complete these uncommon missions the same way you complete your Wanted Missions.

We understand it can be frustrating not knowing when the next one will appear, but be patient…they are worth the wait!

What are Wanted Missions and Rare Wanted Missions?

Wanted Missions (chests) are optional missions that are a great way to earn much needed in-game items. You can find your mission chests in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

There are three (3) different types of Wanted Missions:

Enemies: kill 100 enemies in a province or quest

Hero: defeat 40 heroes in Raids and Alliance Wars (Please note, only the heroes beaten in raids you initiate count towards your Wanted Missions)

War Machine: with the help of your Alliance, defeat 5 Machines

Please note, each Mission has a cool-down period before a new chest is available. But if you are patient, a Rare Wanted Mission chest may appear with the added opportunity for loot. Unlike standard Wanted Missions, Rare Wanted Missions appear only rarely.

There is a Rare Wanted Mission for each Element: Fire, Nature, Ice, Holy and Darkness. The reward for beating a Rare Wanted mission is also often much greater than it is for other Wanted Missions, but please note, only enemies and heroes of the same element color as your chest count towards the mission.

Otherwise, Rare Wanted Missions behave similarly to other Wanted Missions; defeat the number of enemies specified on the Mission and collect the rewards!

What are Missions?

Missions are a great way to earn gold and other rewards (such as avatars), just for completing certain in-game tasks such as collecting food and metal or expanding your base.

You can find your Missions on the bottom of your screen, just open the folder icon to track your progress.

There are different stages of Missions which are identified by the Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V and so on). Each stage has its own goal and progress.

Note, these are different than your Wanted Missions.

What are Elements?

Each Hero has an Elemental type which grants them an advantage against Heroes and Enemies of a certain Element, while also making them more vulnerable against another Element.

The strengths and weaknesses of each Element go as follows:

⦁ Fire (red) is strong against Nature (green)
⦁ Nature (green) is strong against Ice (blue)
⦁ Ice (blue) is strong against Fire (red)
⦁ Holy (yellow) and Dark (purple) Heroes are strong against each other, but weak against their own Element.

The damage done by your troops is greatly affected by the Elemental affinities. Especially in PVP, it can make a huge difference if your combo hits an enemy who is at disadvantage – you’ll deal double damage on each hit.

Remember that, when in battle, you can always check the Elemental Chart from the upper- left hand corner of the screen!

What are Buffs, Debuffs & Status Effects?

Buff and Debuff are two common phrases used to explain status effects on Heroes. Some Special Skills can leave a negative Status Effect on the opponent, or apply a positive Status Effect to your team.

Buff – Any effect that increases the performance or statistics of your Heroes.

Debuff – Any effect that decreases the performance or statistics of your Heroes.

Status Effect – Status Effects affect Heroes in multiple ways. Much like a Debuff, they have negative consequences to the affected Hero.

Please note – Buffs, Debuffs and Status Effects are shown at the base of the affected Heroes image for the duration of their effect. You can also view how many turns are remaining on the effect by tapping and holding on the affected Hero.

What are the Fortune Airship and Fortune Crates?

The items which you receive from the Fortune Crates are not added to your inventory, but rather they fill a slot on your Airship. Once you have filled all the Airship slots with Fortune Crates you can either claim the displayed items along with a Mystery Crate by purchasing the offer or you can recycle its content. Recycling the content gives you a small amount of loot and sends the Airship away until more Fortune Crates are found.

It is possible to claim the Airship loot before all the slots are filled, but in that case, the Mystery Crate is not included in the offer. Please note that the only way to reveal the contents of a Mystery Crate is to purchase the items stored in a full Airship.

I levelled up but my Energies were full. Do I receive any Energy Flasks?

Please note that levelling up fills any depleted World, Raid or War Machine energies. Levelling up, however, does not gift any Energy Refill Flasks for the energies that were full at the time of levelling up.

Energy Flasks can be gained as rare loot from Wanted Missions, Drive-In Cinema or War Machine victories and can also be bought from the in-game shop.

How is damage calculated?

The attack value of a Hero is used as the base value for each hit done by weapons aligned to the color of the Hero. The actual damage caused, depends largely on the defense value of the opponent and the attack value of the weapon but there are many other variables at play as well.

For example, hitting two enemies at once divides the damage evenly for both of them. Having multiple heroes of the same color increases damage done by that color and naturally, the color modifiers also affect the damage by a large degree.

How is the match board configured?

The match, or puzzle board, is completely random. It reshuffles when there are no combinations found. It is not related to team strengths or the players, however, the colors correspond to the color type of your heroes.

Make sure to check the icon in the top left corner of your screen to see which color combinations deal optimal damage.

How do I change my Avatar?

To select or change your game avatar, simply tap on your Player Profile icon in the upper left-hand corner, then press the Change button under the picture, and select your favorite hero!

Is Puzzle Combat free to play?

Puzzle Combat is free to download and Play.

We do offer in-game purchases (such as Gold currency) for real money for Players who prefer to play at a slightly faster pace. However, the chances of receiving loot or Heroes are the same for all Players.

All items available for purchase can be earned as you progress through the game. Whether you spend real money or not, we want to ensure all Players have an equal chance to play.

Gold is intended as a way to get more fun out of the game if you choose to spend it. The Gold economy is designed to strike a good balance between cost and effectiveness. There are several ways to get Gold for free:

  • You can earn Gold by completing Missions
  • Wanted Missions commonly include Gold
  • Titan Loot can include Gold
  • Some Special Ops have Gold as a reward

(Please note: All transactions are handled entirely by your App store. Small Giant Games does not have access to or store any private billing information on our servers).

Why do I receive ‘Hero Missing’ message in battles?

A ‘Hero Missing’ message will appear over the target when you attack with a certain color and your team doesn’t have the corresponding Hero of the same color. If you would like to avoid this, ensure that you have one Hero of each color in your team.

How does the VIP Pass work?

The VIP Pass allows you daily rewards as long as it’s active.

With the VIP Pass you get:

  • 30 Daily Gold which you can collect from your Personal Drone! With a 30 Day Pass you’ll get 900 gems in total and with the 365 Day Pass 10 950 gems in total (If you collect the gems each day)
  • 3 Daily Loot Tickets with the 30 Daily Gems
  • Second Builder, that allows you to upgrade two buildings at once!
  • Bonus Daily Summon! (Please note that if the Free Daily Summon is done before the VIP Pass is purchased, the VIP Bonus Daily Summon will be available in the next Free Daily Summon after the cooldown)

You have to log into the game to collect the extra daily rewards. Rewards that are not collected cannot be collected at a later date.

How Do I Get One?

You can purchase the VIP pass in the in-game Shop under the Gold tab and by pressing the ‘Get’ button on the VIP banner.

Multiple purchases of the VIP Pass extend the duration of the VIP Pass automatically. Once you have reached the maximum duration of VIP Pass purchases, you won’t be able to extend your VIP duration at that time. Please note – the VIP Pass does not automatically renew.

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