Clash Quest Guide – Tips to play for beginners

Enter Clash Quest, a new take on a turn-based battle game made by the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale!

Clash Quest Squad

Find all your Squad’s info, Troops, Spells, and Tactics in the Squad Tab. From there, you can also upgrade and manage your Troop Items.


Troops are the main units of your attacks, which have special and unique abilities! For example, a Barbarian will strike any enemy in his path, including walls, while an Archer can shoot the enemy over the walls.

Every Troop has a certain amount of units available, which you can see on the top right-hand corner of a selected Troop. The number on the left indicates the amount you own, and the one on the right indicates how many you can have in total.

Last but not least, every Troop has 3 available Troop Items! If you have unlocked a Troop Item, tap on it to see its abilities and requirements.

If you want to find out more about your Troops, tap on the “i” icon!


Spells can be used without spending a turn! Just like Troops, there is a limited amount of units per Spell you can own.

Tap on a Spell to see its attack and special ability!


Tactics are stored in Books and can turn the tides of a Battle!

Similar to Spells, Tactics can be used without spending a turn, and give you the option to plan your attack in advance with special abilities, such as swapping the position of Troops!

Tap on a Book to see the Tactic it contains!


Here you can open the Map, track your Clash adventure, and choose your next challenge!

Access the multiple Regions to explore all the different themes, and challenge yourself by completing quests on all the Islands.


Acquire new Troops, Spells, and Tactics with every new Region you unlock!

Each Region has a path of Islands with a variety of quests. Complete them all to get a chance at defeating the Boss.

A new Region can be unlocked only after the final Boss is defeated.


Islands are filled with treasures and Chests waiting for you to loot them!

Complete as many quests as you can to earn rewards, and complete the Region for a chance to fight the final Boss.


For every stage you complete, you will be awarded a Chest!

In addition to that, at the end of the Battle, you will receive Coins, Elixir, and there’s also a chance to get awesome Troop Items, Quest Tokens, or an additional unit for your Troops.

Collecting all Chests from an Island unlocks a Star Chest that includes even more rewards!

Troop Items

Equip your Troops with Troop Items to give them a boost!

Ranging from additional damage caused or reduced damage received, to passive skills and healing abilities, there are a lot of cool items to collect.

Where can I find them?

Troop Items in Clash Quest can be dropped from Map Rewards, or can be purchased from the Daily Deals in the Shop!

Good to know

  • Item Levels
    All items start at level 1 and can be upgraded later.
  • Item Upgrades
    To upgrade an item to a higher level, you first need to own the item’s previous level. For example, to upgrade an item to level 3, you must own level 2 first. Each upgrade will further increase its special ability!
  • Item Requirements
    Every item requires a Troop combo for it to come into effect. Click on the Troop Item to see the requirements.


All sorts of amazing stuff are up for grabs, including Coins, Gems, Quest Tokens, and Elixir Crates! There, you can also find everyone’s favorite section… the Daily Deals!

Daily Deals

The items in the Shop get refreshed regularly. You can check when the new deals will come right under the “Daily Deals”.

Daily Deals offer you a wide variety of items to choose from. There are 6 slots available and can include:


Purchase it with Coins or Gems. Keep an eye out for the occasional free Elixir in the deals section.

Troop Items

You can get your hands on some awesome Troop Items using your Gems.

Quest Tokens

In addition to the Tokens you can purchase using Gems, the Daily Deals might offer you some for free.


From time to time, free Coins will be available in the Daily Deals.

Extra Units

You can grow your army by purchasing additional units! You can do so either by using Gems or Coins.

What’s awesome about Daily Deals is that every time you get a deal, a new one replaces it!

Tips & Tricks

Be in perfect control of the Battle by knowing and applying the features below:

Speed Up

Move faster through the enemy’s and your turn by speeding up the Battle. Tap & Hold the screen of your device or change the speed in your game Settings.

Identify Troop Pathing

Find out which buildings your Troop or combo of Troops will attack, and what the outcome will be! Tap & Hold on that Troop or combo. A skull indicates that the enemy building will be destroyed. If your attack isn’t 100% successful, you will see the remaining Health Points of that building.

Enemy Unit Information

Check out what outcome the enemy’s attack might have on your Troops! Tap & Hold on to the enemy’s buildings. Similarly, you will be shown either a skull or the remaining Health Points.

If you want to see its Health, damage, and the turns remaining until it attacks, simply tap on it!

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