Clash Royale: Gold, Gems & Payments

What is Gold used for and how do I get it?

Gold is one of two currencies in the game, it can be used to buy cards from the shop, upgrade them and create a clan. It can also be used to buy certain shop offers.

Gold can be obtained in various ways – tournaments, challenges, donating cards, opening chests and winning battles. Find gold in chests or buy it in the shop.

What are gems used for and how do I get them?

Gems are the most valuable resource in the game, and they can be used for almost anything in the game!

Buy them in the shop, find them in chests or earn them through in-game Quests.

Are there hacks to get free gems and other items in the game?

There are no “hacks” allowing players to use free Gems, Gold, Cards or Trophies. No cheat can produce Elixir more quickly. No tools or apps will let players change the rules of Clash Royale, as it is protected by our game servers, and they are very, very secure.

Still, we’re working hard on blocking attempts to exploit the game altogether. Good sportsmanship is a hallmark of Clash Royale, and when players attempt bending the game, we are just as furious as you are.

Where did my Legendary Trophies go?

Legendary Trophies have been removed from Clash Royale (with the December 2018 update).

But not to worry! Players who had their Legendary trophies removed will receive:

  • Gold as compensation
  • Players who had 1 or more Legendary Trophies will receive a special Royal Ghost Emote
  • Players who are King Level 13 will receive 1 Star Points for every Legendary Trophy

See you in the Arena!

Why have the contents of my purchase been removed!?

As a rule, in-app purchases are non-refundable, and certain conditions apply to any exceptions we make. Supercell wants to keep a fair playing field, and reserves the right to revoke access to any refunded resources and items.

This means that if the money used for e.g. a purchase of a Legendary King’s Chest and 50.000 Gold is refunded, we may remove the contents of said Chest and remove said amount of Gold from your account.

If any of those resources have been spent prior to the refund, it can result in a negative Gem or Gold balance in your game. A positive balance can be restored by collecting resources in-game or making additional in-app purchases.

Following refunds comprising multiple, large purchases, it may even be necessary for us to suspend access to a game account. We understand – no player wants to find their Gem and Gold coffers empty. Even then, removing refunded resources and items is the only way we can reconcile the gap between a player’s payments and resources & items.

When you purchase something, it goes without saying that it’s yours to keep. When a payment for an order is cancelled, the opposite is true, just like in any transaction: you forfeit your claim to the refunded item.

As an online game, Clash Royale’s economy and mechanics are always the same for every player. The same applies to the resources of the game. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, remember to keep your mobile device safe and locked, and never, ever share your game account with anyone!

Why have my gems disappeared?

If you’ve opened your game to find that Gems have gone missing, it’s because they’ve somehow been spent. Usually, this is just due to the curiosity of a friend or family member. It’s also likely if you’ve loaded your account onto someone else’s device, and didn’t sign off. They could be using it without you knowing.

The game cannot use Gems on its own, purchases must be requested by the user. Accidental purchases are a possibility, though we’ve added a series of intuitive confirmation steps to prevent this.

In order to prevent these instances from happening in the future, please remember to lock your screen after playing. If you’ve loaded your account onto someone else’s device, remember to log out when you’re done.

Can I buy gems outside the game?

Short answer: nope!

The only way to purchase Gems is through the in-game shop (processed securely by the iTunes or Google).

There are many third party websites offering in-game currency for Clash Royale, but NONE of them are safe to use. Ignore whatever their websites claim, they are NOT sponsored by Supercell. Often, third parties will ask for Game Center/Google login credentials. This will give them access to your game. If you give them those credentials, we cannot guarantee your account’s security.

If you purchased Gems from somewhere other than the game, we unfortunately cannot assist you any further, as your account has already breached our Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to ban game accounts with Gem orders from third-party websites.

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