Lords Mobile: Beginner’s Guide

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What can I expect in Lords Mobile?

Lords Mobile is a MMO strategy game with millions of players from all over the globe. In the game, you are the ruler of your Turf. You have to work to develop your Turf, expand your Castle, raise your army, and compete against others to be the best! To that end, you can choose to join a guild, and work together with your allies to further your goals.

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Are there any premiums for new players in Lords Mobile? Where can I redeem these premiums?

There are many packs in the Mall for you to choose from! The “Winning Start” pack in particular is extremely useful to new players. These packs contain Speed Up items, Bravehearts, VIP Points, Energy, resources, Sacred equipment, and The Big Guy Medals. The Medals can be used to hire and enhance the exclusive hero: The Big Guy. Sacred equipment and The Big Guy will really increase a new player’s Might.

Note: The first “Winning Start” pack does not contain any Equipment or Medals. Sacred Equipment and The Big Guy Medals are only available after the 2nd tier of this pack.

How do I protect my Turf?

You can activate a Shield. While it is active, the Shield will ensure that your Turf cannot be scouted or attacked by other players. You can also send your troops to your Shelter; if your Turf is attacked, troops in the Shelter will not be harmed.

Why has my Shield disappeared?

The following actions will deactivate your Shield:

  1. Your newbie Shield (3 d) will deactivate when your Castle reaches Lv9.
  2. Your Shield will deactivate when you scout or attack other players.
  3. Your Shield will deactivate when you relocate to the Wonder’s Province.

How can I check or move to other Kingdoms?

Tap on the Map icon on the bottom left corner to go to the Kingdom Map, then tap on the globe icon to go to the World Map. Tap on a Kingdom to check out its Kingdom Map. New players can use a Novice Relocator to transfer their Turf to another Kingdom by tapping on an empty tile, and selecting [Relocate]. Players can only move to a Kingdom where migration is restricted if it is older than their home Kingdom.

Note: The Novice Relocator can only be used at Castle Lv 5 or lower, and within seven days after starting the game.

How can I get more Gems?

  1. Join a Guild for the first time
  2. Open Guild Gifts
  3. Open the Mystery Box (chest icon on the bottom right corner in your Turf)
  4. Participate in events
  5. Purchase packs in the Mall
  6. Attack/ kill the Guardians in the Labyrinth
  7. The top 5,000 players in the Colosseum will get Gems (amount depends on their ranking)
  8. Deposit Gems in the Treasure Trove to earn more over time
  9. Some Familiar skills will grant you Gems
  10. Link your account (does not apply to Facebook links)
  11. Monsters may drop Gems

Note: Clear Skirmish 8 to unlock the Labyrinth

Can I sell/buy Gems and resources?

Gem and resource buying and selling is against the IGG Terms of Service. However, you can gift items to your guildmates (only those with lower Might) if you have access to the Gift Shop, which can be unlocked by purchasing a $99.99 USD pack. You can also send resources to guildmates through the Trading Post.

How do I change my player name?

There are 2 ways to change your player name:

  1. Tap on your [Bag] and head to the [Gem Mall]. You can purchase the [Name-Changer] under the [Unique] tab.

After this, the item can be found in your [Bag]. Tap on the [Use] button, enter your new name, and tap [Confirm] to change your name.

  1. Tap on your Leader’s portrait (top left corner), and tap on the scroll icon besides your name. If you already have a [Name-Changer], you can use it here. If not, you can spend 100 Gems to purchase one and use it.

Note: Your player name is also the name of your Turf.

How do I gather resources?

You can find resource tiles on the Kingdom Map. Once you find one, tap on it and select [Gather] to send your troops out to gather resources. Your troops will need some time to gather the resources. Once complete, they will return back to your Turf with these resources. You will also receive a Resource Report in your mailbox. The max number of resources you can gather depends on your Army Capacity.

How do I earn Player EXP?

Clear Hero and Skirmish Stages, hunt Monsters, engage in battles, use Player EXP items, or complete Turf, Admin, and Guild Quests, etc. to earn Player EXP.

How do I link and switch accounts?

Tap on the Gear icon, and choose [Account]. If your account has not been linked, tap on [Link] to link your account to Gmail or Apple Game Center. You can also link your account to your Facebook or WeChat account. Once you have linked your account, you can use the [Switch Account] button to log in via your linked 3rd party account.

I opened the game and my account has become a new account! What do I do?

If your account has been linked to a 3rd party account, please use that account to log into the game.

If your account has not been linked to any 3rd party accounts, please link your new account to a 3rd party account that you want to be linked to your old account, and contact customer support with the relevant information. We will help you retrieve your old account.

I can’t log into the game and there’s an error message! What do I do?

Switch to another Wifi / 4G connection and try logging in again. If this issue persists, please contact our customer support.

I logged back into the game but my Turf has moved! What happened?

If you haven’t changed your Player Name or have not logged into the game for a long period of time, your account will be regarded as an inactive account. These inactive accounts will be temporarily reclaimed by the system, and will be placed on a random spot on the Map when you return.

What are Talent Points, and how do I get them?

Talent Points are used to level up Talents. You can get Talent Points by increasing your Player Level, or by researching the relevant technology.

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What is Energy?

Energy is used in Monster Hunts. Hunting monsters depletes Energy, which will recover over time. You can also use items to regain Energy.

Note: There is an Energy Limit. Energy will be lost if you restore Energy that exceeds this limit. You can increase your Energy Limit through research, unlocking certain heroes’ Battle Skills, equipping Hunting equipment, or inlaying the relevant Jewels onto your equipment.

What are Turf Quests, Admin Quests, Guild Quests, and VIP Quests?

Turf Quests are quests that will guide you as you progress through the game. Tap on the Collect button to claim your rewards once you have completed a quest.

Admin and Guild Quests are completed once the countdown timer ends. A new list of Quests will be available every 6 hours.

You can open a VIP Quest Chest every hour. The number of chests you can open will reset daily.

Under what circumstances will a Guild be disbanded?

  1. When a Guild does not contain at least 11 members for 3 consecutive days, the system will send a warning message to the Guild Leader. If the Guild does not contain at least 11 members within the next two days, the Guild will automatically be disbanded.
  2. If the Guild Leader is the only member in the guild, and their account is reclaimed by the system due to inactivity, the Guild will automatically be disbanded.

What is the max Castle, Hero, and Player Level?

The max Castle Level is 25, while the max Hero and Player Levels are 60.

What is the VIP system?

All players are VIP members. There are 15 VIP levels and you can get more VIP perks (e.g. Resource Production boost, Travel Speed boost, Auto Battle for Hero Stages, Army attribute boosts, etc.) by increasing your VIP level.

Note: Tap on the VIP icon near your Leader’s portrait to view your current VIP perks, and perks for each VIP level.

How do I get VIP points?

Log in daily to earn VIP points. You can earn more VIP points when you log in on consecutive days. Tap on the [Get Points] button in the VIP menu to purchase items that will grant you VIP points. You can also earn VIP Points through other methods like completing Quests, participating in events, and using certain Familiar skills.

How do I increase my Might?

You can increase your Might by training troops, building and upgrading buildings, researching new technology, building traps, completing quests, increasing your Player Level, enhancing and promoting Heroes, and upgrading Familiars. You can view the Might you will earn from the project in the construction / research / upgrade menu.

What is a rally?

A rally is when multiple players team up to attack an enemy.

When starting a rally, the Rally Captain can set a Rally time. Guildmates must deploy their Armies within this time. Once this time is up, the Coalition Army will attack the enemy.

You must have a Battle Hall to start a Rally. Your Battle Hall level will determine the max number of troops that can be deployed in your Coalition Army.

Only the Rally Captain can dismiss the entire Coalition Army, or send back Coalition Troops sent by a certain player. Players cannot recall troops sent to a rally.

How do I increase my Army Limit?

You will gain an Army at Castle Lv 7, 13, 19, and 25. You can also increase your Army Limit by researching technology.

How do I save coordinates?

Tap on a tile on the Kingdom Map, and then tap on the scroll icon to create a bookmark. You can find your bookmarks by tapping on the scroll icon under the chat window.

Note: You can only save coordinates, not places (e.g. another player’s Turf, resource tiles, monsters, etc.).

How do I hire Heroes?

Collect 10 Hero Medals to hire that Hero. You can earn Medals by completing Hero Stages (Normal & Elite), purchasing packs, or participating in events.

How do I upgrade Heroes?

You can level up your Heroes and collect Trophies to equip them to your Heroes. Your Heroes can be promoted when you fill all Trophy slots, unlocking more Hero and Battle Skills for use! You can also use Medals to enhance Heroes, which increases their Might and improves their skills.

What do Heroes do in battle?

Heroes lead your troops into battle and can increase your max army size! Their battle skills will also grant boosts to your army, e.g. ATK and DEF Boosts.

What is the difference between Equipment and Hero Trophies?

Equipment grants boosts to your entire Turf / Army, while Trophies will only affect the Hero that they are equipped on. Fill all Trophy slots on a Hero, and you can promote them!

What are the perks to joining a Guild?

Many events and features are only available to players in a guild, e.g. Monster Hunt, Rally Attack, etc. Joining a guild will grant you access to the Guild Gift and Guild Coins. And that’s not all! Join a guild now to find out more!

What do I get from completing Skirmishes?

Complete Skirmishes to unlock areas in your Turf to build more buildings. Certain buildings are only unlocked after clearing Skirmishes.

Which technology should I research?

There are many different technologies in the Academy that you can choose from. Check out the different research trees, e.g. “Economy”, “Military”, “Monster Hunt”, depending on which aspect you want to focus on.

Which troops should I train?

This depends on your Equipment, Research, Talents, and many other factors. Build an army of your very own! Will you choose to focus on one or two troop types, or a mixed army? It’s all up to you!

How many Resource / Military Buildings should I build?

The number of Resource Buildings you’ll want to build will depend on:

  1. Which resources you require
  2. Boosts acquired from your equipment, Talent, Research, etc. Production Boosts can boost the efficiency of your Resource Buildings

(Remember that you can also gather resources from Resource Tiles on the Kingdom Map!)

As for Military Buildings:

  1. If you want to speed up troop training and produce more Gold, build more Manors.
  2. If you want to train more troops at a time, build more Barracks.
  3. If you need to hold more injured troops, build more Infirmaries.

What are the special packs that are based on my Castle Level e.g. 7 of the Best, All the way to 11, etc.? How are they different from the other packs in the Mall?

These special packs will only appear when your Castle reaches a certain level. These packs contain items that will help you progress at your Castle level. It will expire once the countdown ends or when you reach a higher level.

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What is the Limited-Time: Full Charge Gift?

When you purchase a pack, there’s a chance that you’ll activate the “Full Charge Gift” page. Purchase the required amount of Gems before the time runs out, and you will receive the “Full Charge Gift” (along with a notification mail).

Can I have multiple construction or research projects at the same time?

You can have a maximum of 1 construction project and 1 research project in your queue. You must complete your current project to construct or research a new project.

How does the Grade, Rank, and Level of my Hero affect them?

Hero Grade affects the potency of Battle Skills and the base stat growth of the Hero.

Hero Rank increases the Hero’s Command and unlocks more skills.

Hero Level affects the level of Hero Skills. Trophies also have a level requirement.

Heroes have various skills that boost Research Speed, Construction Speed, Training Speed, Troop ATK, DEF, etc. How are these skills activated?

Tap on their icon under Battle Skills to check. “Activates when hired”: Indicates that this skill is activated when the Hero is hired, and the Grade Bonus depends on the Grade of that Hero. e.g. Research Boost, Construction Boost, Training Dummy, etc. “Active when sent into battle”: Indicates that this skill is only active when the Hero is sent into battle with troops. e.g. Army ATK Boost, Infantry DEF Boost, etc.

Will my troops die when my Food reaches 0?

When Food reaches 0, the system will not deduct your Food resources, and this does not affect your troops. We suggest using Food resource items if required for projects such as construction.

Why does the Gift Level EXP increase when I open Guild Gifts?

You can get Guild Gifts when you or your Guildmates kill Monsters or buy Special Bundles. Open these Guild Gifts to get Keys, and fill up the key bar to unlock a Guild Box. Opening the Gift Box will grant Gift EXP, that increases Gift Levels. You can find out more by heading to the [Guild Gifts] page and tapping on [i].

I’ve completed a Solo / Hell Event, but I didn’t get any ranking prizes!

These events are open to all Kingdoms. Competition can get fierce as players from every Kingdom are ranked on the same board. If you want to rank in these events, you will likely need to get more event points than the minimum to complete them!

My Leader was captured! What do I do?

If your Leader was captured, you can try the following:

  1. Contact your guildmates or friends to attack the player who captured your Leader. If they defeat the captor in battle, your Leader will be freed.
  2. If your captor has set a Ransom, you can pay that ransom to free your Leader. If your captor has not set a ransom, or the ransom fee is too high, you can message them to negotiate.
  3. Set a bounty for your Leader. Other players can claim this bounty if they attack your captor and rescue your Leader. (Once you set a bounty, you cannot reclaim it. Your bounty will not be refunded even if your Leader is not rescued, or they are set free by the captor.)
  4. Use the Devil’s Cap. This will poison your Leader, and they will die in 24 hours. You can either wait for your Leader to revive, or use a Revival Fruit to revive them instantly. (Devil’s Caps can be purchased from the Mall. Chalice Points can be used to redeem Devil’s Caps in the Chalice Treasury.  Revival Fruits can be found in the Gem Mall.)

If none of the above solutions work, you can only wait for your Leader to be executed. You can revive your Leader after execution by waiting for them to revive, or using a Revival Fruit. There’s also a chance that your Leader may escape if their captor has not executed them yet.

Will my account be affected when my Leader is captured?

When your Leader is captured, you will lose all boosts from your Talents and Equipment. These boosts will be reactivated once your Leader has returned to your Castle or has been revived.

Why do the resource bars on the top right corner change to a different color?

When a resource bar turns completely blue (with yellow text), this means that you have reached the maximum quantity of that resource. Production of that resource will stop once this happens. If a resource bar is not completely blue, resource production will still be active.

Why can’t I damage my enemy’s Castle Wall?

Castle Walls have their own HP bar and DEF, which can be upgraded via research, Talents, Equipment, Hero Skills, etc. If your army is not strong enough, you may not be able to damage the Wall at all.

My Infirmary isn’t full yet, but my troops have died!

Only 60% of troops injured in Skirmishes and outside your Turf (attacking, rallying, War for Wonders) will be sent to the Infirmary. The remaining 40% will be killed.

Is there a limit to how many messages my mailbox can hold?

Each mail folder has a limit to how many messages it can hold: 50 System Messages,100 Battle Reports, 100 Supply Reports, and 100 Saved Mail.

Why did I lose Energy when the Monster I was attempting to hunt disappeared?

Your Energy will be deducted once you send your Hunting Troops out. This Energy cannot be regained even if you were unable to hit the Monster. Please take note if any other players are hunting the same Monster as you are before sending your troops. Remember to check the countdown timer under the Monster, as they will disappear from the Kingdom Map once the countdown ends.

Is there a limit to how long my Altar Boost can last?

Executing multiple Leaders will extend the duration of your Altar Boost. There is no limit for the boost duration.

Note: You can also increase the boost duration by researching the relevant technology.

Why did my troops attack when my Castle Wall had not been destroyed?

If the attacking army is only made up of ranged troops, your defending troops will automatically attack.

My second consecutive Monster Hunt dealt less damage despite the extra DMG boost!

Monster Hunt damage depends on how much DMG your Heroes deal out. Many factors can affect this: your Hero Team, skill activation, MP recovery, etc. As such, damage dealt may vary on different hunts.

I’ve completed all Phases of the Hell Event, but I didn’t receive the points!

Points will only be awarded for completing Hell Event Quests in the first 55 minutes of the event. The Hell Event will be closed in the last 5 minutes of the hour to get ready for the next Hell Event.

My Gold disappeared after I set the bounty!

Your Gold will be deducted once you set the bounty. Your bounty will not be refunded even if your Leader is not rescued, or they are set free by the captor.

My troops were still travelling, but they’ve already attacked my target’s Turf!

If your target relocated their Turf after your army was sent out, your army will immediately attack your target’s Turf.

Where can I get Star Scrolls?

You can get them from:

  1. Packs in the Mall that include Star Scrolls (e.g. the “Castle Remodeling” pack)
  2. Various in-game events

What are the Turf Club & 7-Day Dash Bundle?

Turf Club – Subscribe to or purchase the Turf Club to get the following benefits:

  1. Research Speed +25%
  2. Construction Speed +25%
  3. Player EXP Boost +25%
  4. Auto-completion of Admin Quests and one-tap collection of rewards
  5. 5) Auto-completion of Guild Quests and one-tap collection of rewards

7-Day Dash Bundle – Subscribe to or purchase the 7-Day Dash Bundle to claim the following items once per day for up to 7 Days after subscribing or purchasing:

  1. Speed Up (60 m) *4
  2. Speed Up Training (60 m) *4
  3. Speed Up Research (60 m) *4
  4. 600,000 Gold
  5. 1,500,000 Stone
  6. 1,500,000 Timber
  7. 1,500,000 Ore
  8. 6,000,000 Food

Note: Subscriptions are a Google/Apple feature. Players on other versions can purchase the Turf Club & 7-Day Dash Bundle to enjoy the above benefits. Check the “Turf Club” & “7-Day Dash Bundle” page in Turf Boosts for more details.

Where do I find the Turf Club & 7-day Dash Bundle?

Turf Club:

  1. Head to the Turf Boosts menu (icon under the resource bars on the right)
  2. Scroll down to “Subscriptions/Special Benefit”
  3. Tap on “Turf Club”

7-day Dash Bundle:

  1. Head to the Turf Boosts menu (icon under the resource bars on the right)
  2. Scroll down to “Subscriptions/Special Benefit”
  3. Tap on “7-day Dash Bundle”

How long will a Turf Club subscription/purchase cycle last?

  1. A subscription cycle lasts one month, and can be automatically renewed.
  2. A purchase cycle lasts for 30 days, and will not be automatically renewed.

Note: The cycle will remain active if you go offline.

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