Economy Research technology in this research tree to increase Construction Speed, Resource Production, Army Capacity, Gem Gathering Speed, and Resource Gathering Speed. Defense Research technology in this research tree to increase max Wall HP and unlock traps. You can also upgrade Traps here to keep out intruders. Military Research technologyContinue Reading

Resource Buildings: Farm, Mine, Lumber Mill, Quarry, Manor Military Buildings: Barracks, Infirmary Admin Buildings: Castle (fixed), Castle Wall (fixed), Vault (fixed), Watchtower (fixed), Academy, Battle Hall, Embassy, Workshop, Trading Post, Prison, Altar Special Buildings: Hero Stages, Shelter, Colosseum, Cargo Ship, Treasure Trove, Transmutation Lab, Labyrinth, Kingdom Tycoon, Bazaar Familiar BuildingsContinue Reading

What can I expect in Lords Mobile? Are there any premiums for new players in Lords Mobile? Where can I redeem these premiums? How do I protect my Turf? Why has my Shield disappeared? How can I check or move to other Kingdoms? How can I get more Gems? CanContinue Reading