Clubs in Brawl Stars

Why join a Club?

It’s fun to work together, and it’s also fun to win. Joining a club will allow you to brawl and chat with your clubmates. Being a club member has the added benefit of choosing the best team compostion and strategies to use during a match.

The more matches you win, the more trophies you get and higher up the Leaderboard your club goes! Aim high and try make it into the top 10 of your Local Leaderboard, and you may even break into the Global Leaderboard as well!

How do I create a club?

To create your own Brawl Stars club is easy. The only requirement is that your account is at Experience Level 5 or higher. To start, press the Social button and select the “create club” option. Give your club a name, choose a badge and add a quick description.

Select between Open, Invite only or Closed to set whether players can freely join, require an invitation or make your club private. You can also set a minimum trophy number requirement for your club. This will not allow players trying to join your club below the number that is set.

How Do I join a club?

From the Social button on the main screen, you can search for clubs to join or try a suggested club. Successfully joining a club will depend on the club’s minimum entry conditions.

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Be careful of who you promote!

Promoting members gives them significant responsibilities. If they aren’t prepared for the role or don’t take it seriously, it could have adverse effects on your club. Screen your members carefully and promote only those you know and trust.

For example, Vice Presidents can kick almost anybody in the club. Seniors can kick out members. This leaves a lot of room for dirty politics if handled poorly.

Kicking people for no reason might be a mean thing to do, but it’s not against the rules. So, preventing it is up to you!

We can’t retroactively change club dynamics in the event of one bad apple. We like each club to be pretty much independent.

I can’t join a club anymore!

After leaving a club, it may take some time for the system to recognize that you’ve left. This may result in a delay before you’re able to join another club. Also, please note you won’t be able to rejoin a club for 24 hours if you have been previously kicked out from it. If this is the case, you will need to be re-invited or request again to join the club after the 24 hour cooldown to be able to be a part of it.

If you’re trying to join an “invite only” club, please remember that you can only send one invite request to a club at a time. You will not be able to send another request if you’re still in a club, or if your previous request still appears in the chat window of the club it was sent to, even if this request has been rejected. You can join a club immediately if you get a direct invitation from the club President or club Senior.

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Just hang in there for a bit longer – you’ll be able to join another club before you know it.

Add Facebook Friends!

To start battling with friends, ensure that you are connected to Facebook via the in-game Settings. Added friends will appear in your friends list which can be found under the Social button.

By adding friends, you can see when they are online and in your Friends Leaderboard, check out their profile and best of all, team up with them and brawl!

PLEASE NOTE: Brawl Stars does NOT use Facebook to save your game’s progress. We strongly recommend connecting to Supercell ID to save your progress, keep your account safe and to be able to play on multiple devices!

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