Brawl Stars: Coins, Gems & Resources

What are Gems used for and how do I get them?

Gems are the most valuable resource in the game. Use them to buy new skins for your Brawlers, different Boxes, Token Doublers and Special Offers from Shop.

Skins can only be purchased with Gems and are the best way to set your Brawler apart from the competition.

Gems are bought with real money from the Shop or you can find them in as bonus drops in Boxes.

What are Tokens in Brawl Stars?

Tokens are used in game to open Brawl Boxes.

Every time an Event changes, small token rewards can be collected! The token limit is 200 tokens at a time and they get re-added to the bank overtime. Showdown events’ token gain is based on your position at battle end.

You can’t buy tokens directly from the Shop as they are not offered. Though if you want to increase the amount of tokens you collect, Token Doublers are offered through the in-game Shop and can also be found as bonus drops inside Brawl Boxes.

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The more you brawl, the more experience you gain. Each time you level up a Brawler or rank up your game account, you will also be rewarded with tokens.

So just by brawling often, you’ll collect tokens to unlock more content and progress through the game!

What are Tickets?

Tickets grant you admission to Ticket Events that appear after you unlock it from Trophy Road. Tickets are given to you every time a Ticket Event opens and more can be dropped as a bonus from Boxes.

You can increase the number of tickets used to enter Ticket Events, and if you win your reward will be multiplied by that number! For example, say you use 1 ticket and enter a Special Event and you are rewarded 20 tokens. If instead you use 10 tickets to enter the Special Event, you will be rewarded 10 times that amount, that’s 200 tokens!

What are Coins?

Coins are used to upgrade Brawlers once they have collected the required Power Points to level up. They can also be used to buy items offered as “Daily Deals” in the Shop. Coins can be found inside Brawl Boxes and bought in the Shop with Gems.

I spent my Gems by accident, can I get them back?

By adding intuitive confirmation steps whenever you spend Gems, we’ve done everything we can to limit accidental purchases from the game. When making a purchase with Gems, you will always be notified with a pop up window and the opportunity to opt out if you change your mind.

Since Brawl Stars is a live, online multiplayer game, reversing changes would have adverse effects on other players you’ve interacted with. As we can’t turn back anyone’s in-game progress, or remove features, providing you with this would put you in a privileged position, which we see as unfair to other players who earned the same item or upgrade through their own Gems or gameplay.

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Can I buy Gems outside the game?

The answer is NO. The only way to purchase Gems is through the in-game Shop (processed securely by iTunes or Google).

There may be many 3rd party websites and online marketplaces offering in-game currency for Supercell games, but NONE of them are safe to use or verified by Supercell. It is best practice to ignore what these web places are offering or saying, they are NOT affiliated or supported by Supercell. Often these third parties will ask for your Game Center/Google login credentials. This will give them access to your game. If you give them your login, we cannot guarantee your account’s security.

If you purchased gems from somewhere other than within the game, we cannot assist you any longer, as your account has already breached out Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to ban game accounts with Gem orders purchased outside the game.

Are there hacks to get free Gems and Brawlers?

There are no “hacks” allowing players to use free Gems, Coins or Brawlers. No cheat can unlock infinite Brawl Boxes. No tools or apps will let players change the rules of Brawl Stars, as it is protected by our game servers, and they are extremely secure.

Still, we’re working hard on blocking attempts to exploit the game altogether. Good e-sportsmanship is a hallmark of Brawl Stars, and when players attempt cheating the game in anyway, we are just as furious as you are.

All the Gems from my order have been removed!

As a rule, in-app purchases are non-refundable, and certain conditions apply to any exceptions we make.

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Supercell wants to keep a fair playing field, and reserves the right to revoke access to any refunded content. This means that if the money used for an order of 1,200 Gems is refunded, we may remove that number of Gems from your account. If any of those resources have been spent prior to the refund, it can result in a negative Gem balance in your game. A positive balance can be restored by collecting resources in-game or making additional currency orders.

Following refunds comprising multiple, large orders, it may even be necessary for us to suspend access to a game account. This is also the case if a player has made Gem orders using a third-party Gem seller in breach of Supercell’s Terms of Service.

We understand — no player wants to find their Gem coffers empty. Even then, removing refunded Gems is the only way we can reconcile the gap between a player’s payments and Gem balance. When you order Gems, it goes without saying that they are yours to keep. When payment for an order is cancelled, the opposite is true, just like in any transaction: you forfeit your claim to the refunded item.

As an online game, Brawl Stars’ economy and mechanics are always the same for every player. The same applies to Gem access. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, remember to keep your mobile device safe and locked, and never, ever share your game account with anyone.

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  1. Attempted to purchase gems, send request to parent for approval was approved, now the game is glitching and will not allow me to purchase gems and doesn’t show my purchase. What to do?

    When go to the lobby and scroll over to the shop, all of the gem purchase options are showing spinning stars. When I click on it, it shows purchase pending…

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