Frontier Justice: Guide obout Posse

Creating a Posse in Frontier Justice

You can create a Posse for free when your Town has reached Lv.6, or pay a certain amount of Gold to create one before you get that far in the game. You are required to enter a Posse name, abbreviation and a declaration when creating a Posse. Other Bosses will read the declaration, and decide whether to join the Posse or not.

The language used by the Posse Leader will be set as the default Posse language. You can change the language in the Posse settings.

How do I leave the Posse? How to leave?

To quit a Posse in Frontier Justice, you must enter your gang’s website through the bottom menu. There, in the new window, select again the 3rd position from the bottom menu (boss). In the new window that has opened, look for (Exit) marked with beer mugs. After clicking, you will have to confirm that you want to leave the gang. After that, we can look for a new one or a new one of our own.

Joining a Posse

Tap the Posse tab on the main interface to open the Posse list. The system will recommend to you a number of Posses. Of course, you can search for a Posse that you would like to join. After joining a Posse, you will receive powerful effects from Posse Technologies, you’ll also be able to buy powerful items from the Posse Store. Don’t hesitate to become a Posse member right away!

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You’ll earn a gift in the form of Gold when you join your first Posse.

You are encouraged to join a Posse with the same language preference as yours. It will be much easier for you to communicate with your allies that way.

Posse Leader

The Posse Leader has supreme power in the Posse. If the Posse Leader fails to log in for 7 days in a row, then members of R3 and R4, as well as Posse Officials, can pay some Gold to replace the Posse Leader.

Posse Rank

The Posse Leader is a Rank 5 member, and all other Posse members are set as Rank 1 when they join the Posse. Members of the lower ranks can be promoted or demoted by the members of higher ranks.

Posse Technology

Bosses can donate to Posse Technology when they join a Posse for the first time. If it’s not their first rodeo, they must wait for 30 minutes after joining. Donate to increase Technology Points, and earn Posse Honor and Posse Points.

Contributions will generate a cooldown time. You won’t be able to contribute again until the cooldown time ends.

When the contribution for a technology is full, members at Rank 4 and 5, as well as Posse Officials, can research that technology. Once the research is completed, all members in the Posse will receive the bonus attribute of that technology. Each Posse can only research one technology at a time.

When a technology reaches a certain level of research, a higher level technology will be unlocked.

Posse Store

Posse members will receive Posse Points by making technology contributions and completing events. Members of Rank 4 and 5, as well as Posse Officials, can use Posse Points to add items to the Posse Store.

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Posse members will receive Posse Honor by making technology contributions and completing events. Posse Honor can be used to buy items from the Posse Store.

Please note that your Posse Honor will not be cleared when you quit a Posse, but your contributions to the Posse Ranking will disappear.

Posse Help – Frontier Justice

You can request Posse Help when you build or upgrade buildings, research technology and heal wounded soldiers. Each member can help the others via the Help button on the Posse Help interface, or through the Four Corners Hotel.

The helping effect is determined by the Four Corners Hotel level of the Boss who requested help.

Posse Appointments

Posse Leaders can pick up to four members to serve as Posse Officials in the following positions: Commander, Diplomat, Planner, and Recruiter.

When an official position is vacant, Posse members can apply to fill it. The Posse Leader can then decide whether or not to bestow upon them the position.

The four officials all play their parts in helping the Posse Leader to run the Posse effectively.

Posse Officials are ranked between R4 and R5, and enjoy all of the benefits of being an R4, as well as the extra benefits that come with their official position.

Posse Treasure

1. Unlocking Posse Treasure:

Posse Treasure in Frontier Justice will be unlocked when your Warehouse reaches Lv.6. You must have been in your Posse for at least one hour in order to begin digging up Posse Treasure.

2. Posse Treasure Quality:

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There are five different qualities of treasure available: green, blue, purple, orange, and gold.

Higher quality treasure contains better rewards.

3. Digging Up Treasure:

Once your Warehouse reaches Lv.6, you can begin digging up Posse Treasure. After you’ve dug up some treasure, you will need your allies’ help to open it. If you wait too long without opening your treasure then it will disappear and you will not receive any of the rewards within.

4. Free Digs:

You can only dig up one treasure hoard at a time free of charge. If you wish to dig for more than one hoard at the same time, then you must spend additional Gold.

5. Opening Treasure:

Once your Warehouse reaches Lv.6, you can open the help screen and choose a Boss to help with opening their treasure. After choosing to help, you just have to wait for the countdown to end and you will receive a reward. The higher the quality of the Posse Treasure, the longer it will take to open, and the better the rewards inside will be. You can only open one treasure hoard at a time.

6. Refreshing Posse Treasure:

Automatic refresh: the game will refresh treasure automatically every two hours.

Manual refresh: refresh treasure instantly. This can be done twice a day for free.

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