Frontier Justice: How to Protect My Troops?

You can use a Rabbit’s Foot to prevent your Town from being scouted or attacked by other ambitious Bosses. However, any dispatched troops outside of the Town will not be protected.

Sometimes, your troops will get attacked while collecting resources and you may want to recall them back to your Town to avoid casualties.

When your Town gets attacked, you can dispatch your troops out to prevent them from being attacked, but there is a chance that your Town may be hit and your resources may be plundered.

Dispatching your troops for Ghost Town Escapades could be a sound method to keep your troops protected for a long period during war time.

You can also use Random Migrations or Advanced Migrations to move your Town to other places on the world map to avoid war.

If you have joined a Posse, you can move your Town close to your buddies to protect each other.

Putting up more Doc’s Tents and upgrading them to higher levels will increase the capacity for wounded soldiers and reduce troop losses.

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