Frontier Justice: Legendary Equipment

What Is Legendary Equipment?

Legendary Equipment are powerful items that can be used to increase the military capabilities of your troops. Bosses can select different Legendary Equipment Pages based on a variety of situations as part of a rounded strategy.

Introduction to Legendary Equipment

1.Legendary Equipment and Components

Each Legendary Equipment Page has six Component slots. Inserting Components into these slots can impart powerful buffs to your troops.

Component slots will be unlocked when the equipment in the corresponding slot is enhanced to its maximum level. Once unlocked, they can then receive corresponding Components.

Bosses can unlock multiple Legendary Equipment Pages. Activate these pages and they will take effect when you are attacked. Choose Legendary Equipment Pages for your raids and they will take effect when those troops are dispatched. You can use the same Legendary Equipment Page for both dispatches and defense.

2. Legendary Components

Each Component comes with one set attribute and multiple secondary attributes; the exact number of starting secondary attributes a Component has is determined by its quality. The strength of secondary attributes depends on the quality of the attributes themselves.

3. Western Legend Set

Each Component belongs to a certain Legendary Equipment set. When a Legendary Equipment Page has 2, 4, or 6 identical Components, then Western Legend Set buffs can be activated. The quality of these Western Legend Set buffs is determined by the quality of the lowest quality Component that triggers it.

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Component Upgrades

You can increase the level of your Components using Brass, up to a maximum of Lv.15. Higher level Components have better set attributes. Your Components will gain extra secondary attributes when they reach certain levels.

Components Dismantlement

Surplus Components can be dismantled, at which point you will receive a small amount of Brass and may also receive Legendary Equipment Shards, these can then be exchanged for high quality Components.

Component Forging

Components can be forged from Design Sketches, with the quality of forged Components being determined by the quality of the Smithing Hammers used to forge them. Using higher quality Smithing Hammers will raise your chances of forging higher quality Components.

There is a chance that your Smithing Hammers’ quality will rise or fall every time you forge.

Design Sketches

Design Sketches are needed to forge Components and can be purchased from the Store or exchanged for using Alteration Cards. Only Alteration Cards for equipment that has been fully modified can be exchanged for Design Sketches.

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