Frontier Justice: Boss Guide


There are 3 types of equipment – battle, support, and development, and 6 equipment slots, with a bonus buff for each slot.

There are 6 grades of equipment quality: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Gold.

Boss Skills

You will receive Skill Points whenever your Boss level advances. The higher the Boss level, the more Skill Points you will receive.

Skill Points can be used to upgrade Boss Skills.

There are 3 types of Boss Skills: battle, development, and assistance.

Boss Skills can be divided into active and passive skills. You need to tap on the active skills for them to take effect.

Use Skill Points to study and improve corresponding skills.

The skills are arranged in the structure of a flowchart, and you have to learn the available skills before you can unlock new ones.

If you wish to reset your Skill Points, you can tap the Reset Points button on the skill interface.

Bosses can set multiple skill combos. Consume 1,000 Gold to change another preset skill combo without distributing Skill Points again. VIP 7 Bosses can change skill combos for free.

Active Skills

There are 12 active Boss Skills: Immediate Return, Pioneer Medicine, Harvester, Craftsmanship, Second Wind, Swift March, Frontier Shield, Quick Gatherin’, Heavy Charge, Duel, Food Conversion and Serious Stamina. These can be manually activated and are found in their own dedicated interface.

Immediate Return: Instantly recall all dispatched troops to the Township (does not apply to War Parties). Cooldown time is 8 hours.

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Pioneer Medicine: Convert killed to wounded during the next battle (does not apply to War Parties), up to your maximum Doc’s Tent capacity. Cooldown time is 8 hours.

Harvester: Gain 1 hour yield of all resources instantly. Cooldown time is 4 hours.

Craftsmanship: Receive 300 random top traps instantly. The Cooldown time is 4 hours.

Swift March: Double marching speed for 1 hour. Cooldown time is 24 hours.

Second Wind: Recover 30 Stamina instantly.

Frontier Shield: Protect resource collecting troops for 3 hours. Cooldown time is 8 hours.

Quick Gatherin’: Increase the rate of collection by 100% for 2 hours (for non-Gold resources). Cooldown time is 8 hours.

Heavy Charge: Increase your dispatch size by 10% for 1 hour. Cooldown time is 24 hours.

Duel: Use once your power exceeds 19 million (a Duel button will appear when you tap on an eligible Township). You can choose your own Heroes and Legendary Equipment when attacking and select up to 150,000 troops. The defending player’s defensive Heroes and Legendary Equipment will be used and 150,000 troops will be selected matching the ratio of troop types within their Town (if there are insufficient troops then all troops will be selected). Neither side’s Morale will be affected, with the attacking side’s set at 100 and the defending side’s set at 400.

Food Conversion: Convert up to 20M unprotected Food into protected Food. If you have less than 20M unprotected Food, then your current Food will all be converted.

Serious Stamina: Consume all the Stamina points you currently have (up to your max Stamina points only) and kill the corresponding number of Critters instantly, receiving all rewards (you can still enjoy buffs from hero skills, and Critters killed by this skill still count towards Critter killing events).

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