Frontier Justice: Posse Super Tile

Leaders of qualified Posses may designate a location to build a Posse Super Tile with a massive amount of resources. Super Tiles include the Super Homestead, Super Lumber Mill, Super Iron Mine, and the Super Savings and Loan.

Each Posse may have only 1 Super Tile at any given time. When the tile expires after 7 days, or is demolished by the Posse leader, an R4 member, or a Posse Official, then a new one can be built.

All Super Tiles come with a 20% increase in collection rate.

Super Tiles have unlimited resources and the troops collecting inside are safe from enemy attacks.

Troops sent to build the tile will begin collection when construction is complete.

Posse members may begin collecting Food and Wood from the Super tiles starting at Town Lv.6, Iron at Town Lv.10, and Cash at Town Lv.15.

The Super tile will last for 7 days from the day the construction is completed, and vanish when it’s expired.

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