Frontier Justice: Livestock Farm

Animals, the most loyal of companions, will help you confront your enemies and develop your Township, provided you take good care of them. The Livestock Farm is unlocked at Town Hall Lv.13, and allows you to keep your own animals.

How to Obtain Animals

The requirements vary for different animals. Please check the Livestock Farm for more details. You may only keep one animal of each type.

Animal Feeding

After receiving an animal, use items or Gold to feed and upgrade them for stronger buffs. You have 10 free chances daily to feed each animal. When your free chances are used up, feeding will cost items. Free chances reset daily at 00:00 (server time), and cannot stack. You can use Gold to feed each animal for a limit of up to 100 times, which resets daily. On any day, if the total number of feeds is a multiple of 10, a massive bonus will be triggered. The more times you feed, the bigger the bonus! The total number of feeds resets at 00:00 daily. (The number of times each animal is fed accrues separately.)

Animal Power

Each animal has its own basic attributes and active skills. Basic attributes increase via level upgrades. Active skills unlock at certain animal levels, and they can be found through the skill button in the bottom right corner of the main interface. You’ll need to open that window manually to use those skills.

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Animal Dispatch & Garrison

You may bring your animals to the battlefield, or garrison them at home. Only troops with animals will enjoy the animals’ battle attribute buffs. An animal can be dispatched alongside your troops and garrisoned at your Town at the same time.

Animal Patrol

Another function of animals is patrolling your territory. Patrol different territories to earn various rewards. Each animal unlocks diverse patrol locations. You may only send one animal out patrolling at a time. (Patrolling, dispatching, and garrisoning are not mutually exclusive.)

Bloodline Identification

When an animal reaches the max level, it requires a successful Bloodline Identification to increase its attributes and increase the level cap to 120.

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