Frontier Justice: Whippin’ System

1. Whippin’ Conditions

When both attacker and defender are from the same State and have Towns at or above Lv.16, and the attacker wins and causes a set amount of damage to the defender, then the whippin’ system will be activated. For a set time both parties will then be engaged in a relationship of Top Dog and the whipped.

(the higher the level of the defensive Town, the greater the losses you must inflict)

2. Top Dog’s Benefits

Top Dogs can change the labels of their whipped foes at will with the whipped unable to change them for a certain period of time;

Top Dogs can whip more than one Boss at the same time. You can gain a variety of buffs by whipping set numbers of Bosses. The more Bosses you whip, the more buffs you’ll receive.

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