Frontier Justice: Military Rank Rules

Military Ranks are divided into 12 levels. Your initial rank is Corporal. The 6 ranks, Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Sergeant Major, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Captain can be received if the Military Point Requirement is met.

At 0:00 each Sunday, the Military Points will be calculated in groups, each containing 5 States. Bosses will be ranked based on their Military Points earnt in these 7 days among the 5 States and receive corresponding rewards when the ranking is confirmed. Afterwards, the Military Points weekly ranking will be reset. The ranking board ranks the top 200 point earners only.

The 6 higher ranks must meet both the Military Point requirement and the weekly Military Ranking Board requirement. Detailed requirements for each rank are listed below:

Military Ranking System

The Military Ranking System is based on Military Points and Medals of Honor. Military Points and the weekly rankings determine a player’s Military Rank. Medals of Honor can be exchanged for items and skills in the corresponding store.

Military Points & Medals of Honor

Military Points and Medals of Honor are obtained from skirmishes:

1. Earn Military Points and Medals of Honor during skirmishes in your home State.

2. The weekly limit for Medals of Honor is 30,000. Once reached, no additional medals will be rewarded. There is no limit on Military Points.

How to Obtain Military Points & Medals of Honor

During skirmishes, killing enemies will earn you Military Points and Medals of Honor. Below is a layout for the points and medals received based on every 10,000 enemies killed (e.g. if only 5,000 enemies were killed, you will receive half of the points and medals listed):

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Lv.11 troops: 130 Military Points + 130 Medals of Honor

Lv.10 troops: 100 Military Points + 100 Medals of Honor

Lv.9 troops: 90 Military Points + 90 Medals of Honor

Lv.8 troops: 75 Military Points + 75 Medals of Honor

Lv.7 troops: 60 Military Points + 60 Medals of Honor

Lv.6 troops: 50 Military Points + 50 Medals of Honor

Lv. 5 troops or below: No rewards for kills

Exchanging Medals of Honor

Medals of Honor can be used for learning various military skills in the military interface, or exchanged for exquisite items in the military section of the Post Office. Note that certain items may have a Military Rank requirement that must be met to enable the exchange.

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