Frontier Justice: Buildings

Construction Queue

While you’re upgrading buildings, the remaining upgrade time is shown in the building queue on the main interface. Tap on it to check the upgrade status.

You can use a Worker’s Contract or spend Gold to hire workers to add an additional building queue for a set period of time.

You can permanently unlock the second building queue by activating VIP 2 or above.


You can research a variety of technology in the Library to boost your Township’s power.

To research technology, you need to meet the following requirements: Library level requirement, technology prerequisites, and resource requirements.

Town Hall

Your Town Hall is the most important building in your Township. Upgrade the Town Hall to unlock new buildings and functions.

You can check the yields of all resources and Food consumption in Town Info.

Check the details of various bonus effects in Township Bonuses.

Check the Boss Power value added from the Town Hall level, and move buildings within the Township in Town Hall Details.


You can set up Bunkhouses outside the Railway Station. Upgrade your Bunkhouses to increase the number of trained troops and their training speed. Set up more Bunkhouses to train faster.

Doc’s Tent

You can set up Doc’s Tents outside the Railway Station. Your wounded troops will be healed in them. Upgrade or build more Doc’s Tents to accommodate more wounded troops.

The amount of time and resources required to heal wounded troops is much lower than that needed to train new troops.

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Researching technology can increase the capacity limit and the healing speed of Doc’s Tents.

Wounded troops will die if they can’t be accommodated in Doc’s Tents.

Wounded troops are often generated in the following situations:

1. In defensive skirmishes, dead troops are converted to wounded troops.

2. Some troops might be wounded while you attack Critters.

3. After you research the technology Plannin’, a certain proportion of wounded troops will result from every skirmish.

4. When you use the Boss Skill ‘Pioneer Medicine’, your next raid will only generate wounded troops.

Drill Ground

Drill Ground provide a gathering place for your troops. Upgrade the Drill Grounds to increase the troop limit in a single raid.

You can promote your lower level troops at the Drill Ground. When promotion begins, the power previously gained from these troops will be deducted from your total, but don’t worry, once their promotion is complete, you’ll get it all back and then some!

Railway Station

The Railway Station determines your Town Defense value and the capacity for setting traps. The Railway Station’s level is one of the requirements for upgrading your Town Hall.

Barracks, Stables, Gunsmith & Arsenal

You can train Gunslingers, Cavalry, Marksmen and Gunners at the Barracks, Stables, Gunsmith and Arsenal respectively. The number of trained troops and their training speed are determined by the number and level of your Bunkhouses.

A new troop type will be unlocked whenever any of these buildings reaches the following levels: 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26, 30, and Fury Lv.5.

Your military buildings can also be used to promote your troops from lower to higher levels.

Attention: Military buildings cannot perform multiple functions at the same time. Your power may drop during the process of promoting troops; however it will rise again once that process is complete.

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Homesteads, Lumber Mills, Iron Mines & Savings and Loan Booths

Homesteads, Lumber Mills, Iron Mines & Savings and Loan Booths can produce and store Food, Lumber, Iron and Cash respectively. Upgrade them to increase their resource yield and capacity.

Iron Mines are unlocked at Town Hall Lv.10.

Savings and Loan Booths are unlocked at Town Hall Lv.15.


The resources concealed in your Warehouse will not be plundered by other Bosses during an invasion. The higher its level, the more the resources that will be concealed.

The resources not harvested will not be concealed. Don’t forget to harvest them in time!


You can make traps in the Fort. Upgrade the Fort to unlock new traps. The trap making speed is determined by your technological advancement and your Boss Skills. The capacity for setting traps is determined by the level of the Railway Station.

Four Corners Hotel

The Four Corners Hotel provides Posse related functions, Posse members can offer each other assistance here. The level of the Four Corners Hotel affects the number of times you can accept help, as well as the amount of time reductions accepted while being assisted.

It also determines the number of reinforcements that can be sent to you. You can’t get reinforcement troops without the Four Corners Hotel.

Auction House

The Auction House is a place where Posse members trade resources. Upgrade it to increase the trading amount and decrease the tax rate.

When you aid resources to a Posse member, your wagon train will transport the resources to them, occupying a slot in your dispatch queue.

Post Office

The Post Office is where you can assemble a powerful War Party and attack enemies. Upgrade your Post Office to increase the number of troops in a raid.

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After building a Post Office, you’ll be able to use the ‘Gather’ function. View all of your Posse’s ongoing skirmishes in the Posse interface.

Gathering troops is the most effective way to eliminate strong enemies. The number of gathered troops is determined by the level of the Post Office.

Posse Technologies increase the limit on gathered soldiers and troops.

Lookout Post

The Lookout Post can scout enemies and bring you information about any troops marching towards you.

Upgrading the Lookout Post will bring more detailed scout reports and info on the troops marching to you.

Mortar Batteries

Mortar Batteries are your main defensive buildings. They will attack enemies automatically during defensive skirmishes. Upgrade the Sheriff’s Office to increase the attack damage and attack speed of the Mortar Batteries.

Mortar Batteries will consume Sheriff’s Tools during upgrades. You can buy these from the store, or get them from killing Critters.

Tax Man’s Office

You have a number of free chances to collect taxes from the Tax Man’s Office each day. When you have used up all of your chances, spend Gold to get more.

You can earn all kinds of resources in the Tax Man’s Office. Sometimes, you can get double, fivefold or even tenfold the reward by luck.

Upgrade the Tax Man’s Office to increase the number of free chances and the amount of resources rewarded.

Firearms & Finery Shop

The Firearms & Finery Shop is where you strengthen and enhance equipment.

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