Frontier Justice: Battle for the Fortress

Open Time

The Battle for the Fortress is a Posse-based team event which takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 14:00 to 22:00 (server time)

How to Challenge

When the event is open, you can take part by forming teams of 2-4 Bosses within your Posse

Dungeon Difficulties

There are five different dungeon difficulties available: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Hell. Each difficulty requires you to complete stages in order and each difficulty has its own entrance requirements for Town level.

Dungeon Buildings

There are four Artillery Batteries and one Fort of Thorns inside each dungeon. The Fort of Thorns is defended by its own army of guards. Should you manage to reduce the fort’s troop power to zero, then victory will be yours. You can reduce the fort’s troop power by killing the guards inside. The Fort of Thorns also has it’s own defense stat, which can be reduced through repeated attacks from the Artillery Batteries. The Batteries will attack the fort once you are occupying them. The Fort of Thorns’ defense stat bestows powerful buffs on the guards inside, so make sure to reduce it by as much as you can!

Artillery Batteries Occupation

As soon as you’ve entered the dungeon, you’ll be able to send troops to the Artillery Batteries. You can occupy these structures by defeating the guards inside. Once occupied, the Batteries will begin firing on the Fort of Thorns, reducing its defense

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Enemy’s Attack

Once inside the dungeon, multiple raiding parties will be sent forth every two minutes from the Fort of Thorns to attack your Town and any Batteries you’re occupying. Each player can be attacked by up to two raiding parties

Wounded Troops

Only wounded troops will be generated inside the dungeon, with troops being incapable of dying. Troops wounded inside the dungeon do not require resources to heal, but reduction items are still required should you wish to speed up the healing process. All wounded troops will be healed for free by the system upon leaving the dungeon.

Rewards for Passing Stages

Points are rewarded for successfully passing stages. Points can then be exchanged for items at the Points Store. You can get rewards for passing each difficulty for the first time each day, meaning you can earn up to 5 stage rewards per day, after which you keep challenging stages without receiving additional points

Quick Pass

If you complete the highest difficulty level on any given day, then you can claim the rewards for all lower difficulty levels directly, without having to actually complete them.

Dungeon Failures

Lords who leave the dungeon before a stage is complete, are attacked and defeated and have their Town defense burn down to zero, or fail to enter the dungeon at all, will not receive stage rewards.

Rabbit’s Foot

Whenever you leave the dungeon you will be given a 5 minute Rabbit’s Foot. 5 minutes is the maximum total war protection you can receive this way; entering and exiting the dungeon​ multiple times will not cause war protection to stack

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Medals of Honor

The more stages you pass, and the more difficult they are, the more Medals of Honor you can gain. Medals of Honor will be displayed on the rankings board

Item Usage

Battle-related buff items can be used inside the dungeon, but migration items cannot.

Posse Conditions

Bosses who join their Posse once the event has already begun will be unable to take part in the Battle for the Fortress

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