Frontier Justice: Desert Storm

1. Introduction

Desert Storm is a cross-state competition among Posses. During the event, Posses of various States can make teams and sign-up for the competition. The system will match the registered teams, 1 team versus 1 team, the paired teams will then enter the Desert Storm battlefield and start a battle which lasts for up to one hour.

There are many buildings on the battlefield, occupying them gains you team points and personal points. The team with the most team points wins.

2. Entry Requirements

A. The Posse Leader and Officials of the Top 10 Posses (based on real time power) from each State that has existed for at least a week can register their Posse for the Desert Storm event.

B. The number of teams each Posse can register depends on the number of Posse members. The more members your Posse has, the more teams can register, with the max limit for each Posse being 3 teams.

C. When registering for Desert Storm, the Posse Leader and Officials will be given the option to select a time slot for battles to take place in. Each Posse can only register 1 team in each time slot.

D. When registration is complete, the Posse Leader and Officials can appoint members from their Posse to take part in the Desert Storm event. Each Posse can appoint no more than 3 teams (up to 20 players in each team) to take part. Bosses with a Town level of 15 or above may enter the Desert Storm. Each player can participate in only one team.

(Attention: Prior to registration ending, the list of Bosses selected for battle can be changed. Members who leave their Posse during this time will be removed from the list automatically. Once registration has ended, the list of Bosses selected for battle will be locked and cannot be changed. Bosses on this list that leave the Posse and then return will still be able to take part in the event.)

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3. Matching Rules

The matching will be based on a value (power of each team + amount of players with Lv.26 or higher Township) calculated after the registration ends.

4. Entrance

You can find the entrance in the Salt-Lick Corral once the event starts. All the fighters must make sure that there are no wounded troops left in their Town, or dispatches outside their Town.

The red team will be on the left side of the battlefield, while the blue team will be on the right side.

The first 3 minutes before the battle are for preparation, you cannot attack your enemy or buildings within.

5. Rules of War

Fighting in the Desert Storm is much the same as fighting in your own State.

Players can dispatch troops to occupy various buildings, and gain beneficial buffs and a few points. Occupy the key Point Structures to produce Team Points. Team Points will decide the victors of the Desert Storm.

By killing 10,000 enemy troops, you will earn 1 personal point, but no team points.

When occupying a building, you will receive 100% personal points if you have at least 50,000 troops inside, the less troops inside, the less points you earn.

Migrations are limited on the Desert Storm battlefield. Each Posse is allowed a limited number of migrations. Once these have all been used, members will be unable to use items or Gold to gain additional migrations.

Occupy the Portals to increase your number of remaining migrations. If a Portal is already held by your Posse, then the first time you migrate there, you will not need to use any items or Gold, although this will still use up one of your Posse’s remaining migrations (can only be used once per battle).

The default Morale in the battle will be 1000 (and will not be affected by No Quarter items or the Siege Intimidation skill). Under normal circumstances, no troops will die during the Desert Storm. Instead, all losses will be converted into wounded troops. Healing wounded troops will not require any resources and the time required to heal will be much lower than in your own State. Doc’s Tents will no longer have an upper limit to their capacity, and all troops will be automatically healed when you depart the battlefield.

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When a Town defense fails, the speed that the Town Hall burns at will be significantly increased during Desert Storm, so please make sure to put out fires promptly.

(Note: Bosses are unable to plunder resources from Towns sacked during the Desert Storm).

Traps lost on the battlefield won’t be automatically restored after the battle.

If you quit the battlefield half way through, all your personal points will be erased and you won’t be able to go back, but your team points will not be affected.

6. Limitations During the Desert Storm

After entering the Desert Storm, Posse members cannot be kicked out of their Posses, create new Posses, or join other Posses. Bosses cannot build or reclaim Posse structures. Bosses also cannot change the Posse name.

Bosses cannot help Posse members in their own State, but can still help other Posse members who are on the Desert Storm battlefield.

After entering the Desert Storm, your Town in your own State will be put under Protection Status, this means you cannot be attacked or scouted.

Note: Actions conducted in the Desert Storm will have no effect on other events that may be ongoing in your own State.

7. Structures

1) Central Fort

The Central Fort is the biggest point source. After capturing it, your team earns 200 team points for every minute it’s occupied. It is important to reinforce this structure after a successful capture whenever it’s needed.

2) Manors

The 2 Manors are the next biggest point sources. They offer 150 team points each for every minute they are occupied.

3) Water Towers

Water Towers also award points. With each Water Tower captured, 80 team points are awarded for every minute they are occupied.

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4) Portals

Capture the Portals to enable migration chances for your team. During the first migration, no items or Gold will be consumed. From the second migration on, you must consume Gold or items to migrate. Capture the Portals to give your team members migration chances into the heart of the battlefield.

5) Armories

The 2 Armories provide attack and defense bonuses to your team’s troops. Deprive your enemies of this privilege by all means.

6) Hospitals

The 2 Hospitals in the battle zone increase the healing speed of wounded troops.

7). Ghost Towns

Occupy these Ghost Towns to gain assistance from Mercenaries in your battle. They possess fast speed and high attack.

8) Stations

The 2 Stations increase your troops’ marching speed during a battle. Every second counts!

8. Talents

Upon entering the Desert Storm, each Boss can select and activate two of the seven Skills available to them, based on their needs for that battle. The Skills you activate are only effective for one battle and cannot be changed until the battle is over.

1. Swift March: Increases marching speed by 150% in the Desert Storm.

2. War Party Call: Increases max war party size by 100,000.

3. Bloody Skirmish: Increases attack by 30% when attacking buildings in the Desert Storm.

4. Solid Fort: Increases troop defense and HP by 30% when defending buildings in the Desert Storm.

5. Steadfast: Increases troop defense and HP by 100% when defending your own Town.

6. Emergency Aid: Increases healing speed by 100% in the Desert Storm.

7. Eagle Eye: Increases scouting speed by 300% in the Desert Storm.

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