Frontier Justice: Posse Territory

Posse Diplomacy

This feature is here to make Posse diplomacy more intuitive, and to make it easier for Posse members to get involved in the process. With this feature, leaders can formalize their relations with other Posses, and members can easily see the state of these relations.

R4 or higher Posse members can establish relations with other Posses via the Posse Diplomacy screen. After relations have been established the system will automatically update Posse members via the game’s mail system.

The state of your relations with other Posses will be clearly displayed in the colors of their Townships’ nameplates, their Posse Territory, and the icons above resource tiles where they are collecting.

Note: Players from enemy Posses will have bright red names and distinctive name plates to help distinguish them.

Allied Posses: Members of allied Posses cannot attack each other and do not have to pay tax when collecting from resource tiles in each other’s territory. Allied Posse members will have blue names, and their Posse territory will be displayed in a blue border. Ally relations must be ratified by the leadership of both Posses before they can take effect.

Friendly Posses: Members of friendly Posses are able to attack each other but a reminder will pop up asking players to verify twice before attacking. Members of friendly Posses will have yellow names, and their Posse Territory will be displayed inside a yellow border.

Enemies: Enemy Posse territory and name plates will be displayed in red.

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Neutral: Neutral Posses are those which you have not established relations with, and they will be displayed in grey.

Posse Buildings & Territory

Posse Officials and R4 or higher members can build Posse Buildings on the world map. Posse Hideouts and Posse Banners all come with their own territory; all valid territories controlled by these buildings combined are the total Posse Territory. Each building also has its own independent territory range and HP. Posse Buildings can be attacked and reinforced – however, once a building is destroyed, the territory under its control will vanish, and the total Posse Territory will decrease. Attacking and defending Posse Buildings is a core part of Posse skirmishes.

The Posse Hideout: The Posse Hideout is the central structure of any Posse. They can only be built by Posse Leaders on the map. NOTE: Posse Hideout (Wasteland) can only be built in the Wastelands on the map. Likewise, Posse Hideout (Plains) can only be built on the Plains. Building a Posse Hideout will automatically create a 12×12 block of Posse Territory. A corresponding Posse Hideout must be constructed before any other Posse Buildings can be constructed in that zone on the map.

Posse Banners: Posse Banners are the main structures used for expanding Posse Territory. At first, you are able to erect 30 Posse Banners, each of which commands a 5×5 area of territory. Posse members can increase the upper limit on banners by researching the “Posse Banners” Technology. The higher the limit on banners, the more territory your Posse can control. Each new banner will use up more Posse Points than the last.

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Posse Territory Points: each square of your Posse Territory will give you Territory Points. The number of Territory Points generated depends on the resource zone that that square is located in.

When Posse Buildings are successfully attacked, they will begin to burn. The stronger the attacker’s remaining troops are, the longer the building will burn, up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

If it is attacked again, the burning period will accumulate.

When no longer burning, the building will regain 20 defense points every hour.

Posse members can spend Gold to extinguish the fire and recover the building’s defense.

Similar to the Capitol Building skirmishes, when a Posse Building is attacked, both the attackers and defenders will receive wounded troops. </p>

Posse Cannons: Posses can build Posse Cannons to attack non-Posse Town Halls on Posse Territory, greatly reducing the town defense of enemies attacked.

Territory Benefits

When players’ Town Halls are situated within Posse Territory, players will receive Territory Buffs.

Territory Rewards: Every day, players can claim Territory Rewards from the Posse Territory interface. Rewards claimable are based on the number of Large Resource Zones that each player’s Posse has occupied.

Earn extra bonuses from killing Critters within your own Posse Territory.

Territory Migration: Once your Posse has earned 15,000 Territory Points, players will be able to use the Posse Territory Migration function.

Players must be within their own or their Ally’s Posse Territory and can migrate anywhere else within this territory.

Posse Tax: When members of non-allied Posses collect resources from tiles within your Posse Territory, you will receive a proportion of those resources as Posse Tax. Resources such as Lumber, Food, Iron, and Cash will be converted into Posse Resources, while Gold can be distributed by Posse Leaders to Posse Members according to Frontier Justice’s distribution rules.

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The Posse tax rate is initially set at 15%, but Posse Members can increase this tax rate by researching the “Posse Tax” technology.

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