Frontier Justice: Ghost Town Outlaws

When the Ghost Town Outlaws event begins, R4 or higher members, or Posse Officials, will be able to activate it through the Event Center or any of the Ghost Towns in the State.

Once activated, all members of the Posse must defend their Towns to earn event points. The more Outlaws a player kills, the more points will be generated for the player and their Posse. More points earn you a better spot on the Individual and Posse rankings, and bigger rewards! Remember, there are up to 16 straight waves of attacks per each round of the event, with only 4 minute breaks in between waves.

R4 or higher members and Posse Officials can adjust the difficulty of this event. A higher difficulty level means tougher Outlaws in larger quantities, but also better rewards. Team reinforcement is crucial to getting high points at higher levels.

Each Posse member has 2 chances to fail against the Outlaws. After 2 defensive failures, attacks against that player will stop but this player can still reinforce other Posse members.

When all members fail to defend twice, or when all 16 waves of Outlaw attacks have passed, the event will end.

Note: Rabbit’s Feet doesn’t work during the Ghost Town Outlaws event.

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