Frontier Justice: Hero System

Heroes are a Boss’s most helpful companions. Different Heroes can demonstrate their worth to their Bosses in different situations.

1. Recruiting Heroes

Heroes can be directly recruited at the Waterin’ Hole, or by composing Hero Shards, which can be earned from participating in various events.

2. Using Heroes

2.1 Dispatching Heroes

Assigning Heroes to lead a dispatch will boost the power of troops in that dispatch, their resource collection speed, and their marching speed when attacking Critters. The Skills, Tactics, and Attributes of your Heroes can have a sizeable effect on the outcome of skirmishes.

2.2 Assigning Heroes

Heroes can be assigned to buildings such as the Town Hall, Library, Warehouse, Windmill, Barracks, Stables, Gunsmith, Arsenal, and Fort. The Skills that Heroes possess will increase the efficiency of the building(s) they’re assigned to. Assigning a Hero to a building does not stop them from leading a dispatch.

2.3 Manning the Railway Station

Assigning a Hero to man the Railway Station in your Township increases the attributes of your defending troops; this bonus is only effective when your Township is under attack. Heroes manning the Railway Station will not be able to lead dispatches.

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3. Upgrading Heroes

3.1 How to Upgrade Heroes

Hero EXP can be upgraded using Hero EXP Scrolls. When their EXP reaches a certain amount, the Hero will automatically be upgraded to the next level.

3.2 Upgrade Effects

As a Hero’s level increases, their 3 Attributes of ‘Combat’, ‘Development’, and ‘Assist’ will also increase by a corresponding value.

4. Promoting Heroes

4.1 How to Promote Heroes

A Hero’s Star Level can be promoted using their corresponding Hero Shards.

4.2 Effects of Promotion

Promoting a Hero will increase their ‘Combat’, ‘Development’, and ‘Assist’ Attributes. Promotion also increases the level caps for Heroes and their skills.

4.3 Source of Hero Shards

Bosses can acquire Hero Shards through recruiting, or by completing certain event tasks. You can also use Universal Hero Shards of the same quality to exchange for corresponding Hero Shards.

5. Hero Skills

5.1 Fixed Skills

Every Hero begins with 1 Fixed Skill, which cannot be upgraded or replaced.

5.2 Initial Skills

Heroes will own 3 Initial Skills, which will be gradually unlocked as a Hero’s Star Level increases.

5.3 Upgrading Skills

Skill EXP can be upgraded using Military Exercise Resources. The higher the skill level, the stronger the buff effect.

5.4 Forgetting Skills

The 3 Initial Skills can be forgotten after a Hero reaches 4 Star Level. Forgetting a skill will refund the corresponding Skill EXP items to you. At the same time, skill(s) that have been forgotten will be returned to your Bag.

5.5 Dismantling Skills

Any unwanted skills in the Hero Skills Library can be dismantled into Military Exercise Resources.

5.6 Source of Skills

Hero Skills can be acquired through Skill Research at the Waterin’ Hole, or by composing Skill Shards, which can be earned through participating in events.

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6. Hero Tactics

6.1 Acquiring Tactics

Once a Hero reaches 5 Star Level, the Tactics feature will be unlocked. Players can then unlock Tactic Slots in the Master Tactics interface to acquire Tactics.

6.2 Effects of Tactics

Once a Hero has unlocked Tactic Slots, they will acquire Tactics. Tactics will raise the Power Level of your Heroes, and each Hero can possess up to 4 Tactics.

6.3 Mastering Tactics

Tactics can be upgraded using a Hero’s corresponding Hero Shards. The higher the Tactic Level, the higher the Hero’s Power. The amount of levels upgraded each time is random.

6.4 Changing Tactics

Tactics can be changed using War Orders.

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