Construction Queue While you’re upgrading buildings, the remaining upgrade time is shown in the building queue on the main interface. Tap on it to check the upgrade status. You can use a Worker’s Contract or spend Gold to hire workers to add an additional building queue for a set periodContinue Reading

Capitol Building The Capitol Building is located in the center of the state map. The coordinates are (380,380). The Posse that wins the Battle for the Governorship and occupies the Capitol Building has the right to elect the new State Governor. Capitol Building Status Preparation Status During the early stageContinue Reading

1. Players can send and receive roses in an effort to increase their Rose Ranking. 2. Rewards will be sent out when the Rose Ranking countdown ends. Each player’s rose count will then be cleared. 3. Rose Rankings refresh once every two weeks, with the Top 3 Bosses on theContinue Reading

Posse Diplomacy This feature is here to make Posse diplomacy more intuitive, and to make it easier for Posse members to get involved in the process. With this feature, leaders can formalize their relations with other Posses, and members can easily see the state of these relations.Continue Reading

Rules 1. During the event, every Boss has 20 chances to attack the Cutthroats. 2. When the Cutthroats reach their final bar of health, they will enter rage mode, causing their health to jump back up. 3. Each time the event starts, Bosses will be notified of a weakness thatContinue Reading