Frontier Justice: Cutthroat Calamity

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1. During the event, every Boss has 20 chances to attack the Cutthroats.

2. When the Cutthroats reach their final bar of health, they will enter rage mode, causing their health to jump back up.

3. Each time the event starts, Bosses will be notified of a weakness that can be exploited. Using this information, Bosses will be able to deal bonus damage of up to 100% to the Cutthroats.

4. During a war party against the Cutthroats, total damage dealt will not be split evenly, and is recorded according to the damage dealt by each Boss’ troops.

5. When attacking the Cutthroats, there is a chance of triggering a Critical Strike, causing bonus damage of up to 80% of the original damage.

There is a maximum amount of damage that can be dealt to the Cutthroats in a single attack. Additional damage beyond the maximum during each attack will not count.


1. A reward will be given for every attack against the Cutthroats. The higher the damage, the better the reward.

2. During the event, when total damage dealt to the Cutthroats reaches a set amount, you will be able to open a Damage Reward strongbox on the event page.

3. During this event, the Top 100 Bosses on the Damage Rankings will be given a personal rankings reward.

4. Finish them off! Remove all health bars from the Cutthroats before they enter rage mode to win a lucky reward: Critical Strike.

5. Finish the health bars remaining on the Cutthroats after they enter rage mode to win a lucky reward: Widow Maker.

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6. There are a variety of achievements that can be completed while attacking the Cutthroats. Complete these hidden achievements to claim other lucky rewards.

7. Gangster Loot can be found during the event and used to exchange for great rewards at the Store.

During the course of the event, when all the Cutthroats in the State have been killed, a new wave will appear. Bosses, work together and fight for greater and greater rewards!

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