King’s Choice: How to increase knight power

King’s Choice is a well-known mobile role-playing game that offers a choice-based simulation experience. In this game, players can take the seat at the head of the royal table and rule their very own kingdom.

Created by ONEMT, King’s Choice lets players interact with non-player characters (NPCs), develop their empire, and establish alliances. Additionally, players have the option to command a formidable army of knights and raise heirs. This game provides a plethora of exciting gameplay features for its users.

King’s Choice is set in medieval times, and players assume the role of a Lord’s only daughter or son. However, their idyllic life is shattered when Aves, The Throne Usurper, successfully orchestrates a revolution, kills the Lord, and imprisons their child.

Despite the dire circumstances, the protagonist refuses to give up and vows to seek revenge against their enemies. In this game, players take on the persona of a Lady or a Lord and are tasked with various responsibilities, such as raising heirs, producing resources, conquering lands, and commanding knights.

At the beginning of the game, players start as a level one Lord or Lady, but as they progress, they earn bonuses that facilitate gameplay. It’s important to note that players can also increase their knight power.

How to increase knight power

In King’s Choice, the total damage dealt as Knight Power determines whether a boss is defeated or the number of tiered enemies defeated to earn rewards. However, in the War of Conquest, Knight Power contributes only a portion of “Conquest Power,” with the bulk of Conquest Power coming directly from type-specific talent levels.

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For all other uses of Knight Power, the sum total of knight power across all knights determines success, rather than needing a single knight with maximum power.

To optimize Knight Power, it’s best to concentrate knight level and talent into one or a small number of knights, while spreading Strength Book Bonuses evenly across all knights. It’s important not to confuse Strength Book Bonuses with edicts, which are for talent.

In King’s Choice, players can enhance their knight power by either sending them to university or using in-game currency called Silver. Knights who attend the university participate in study sessions that last approximately three hours. After completing a session, they earn skill points and talent experience that contribute to their overall abilities.

While sending a knight to university is an option, players can also use Silver to upgrade their knights. Each knight requires the same amount of Silver if they are at the same level. It’s advisable to increase the knight power at a similar pace, except for the knight used in boss battles.

It’s important to note that, despite the in-game description of knight power, it doesn’t factor in the total strength attributes or bonuses from aura, lover, decor, or negotiation upgrades. These upgrades only enhance the knight power if they increase the strength talent directly.

Furthermore, the knight power contributions from strength book bonuses are entirely independent of the knight’s level and talent. However, providing strength book bonuses to knights with existing strength book bonuses results in diminishing returns. In other words, if two knights have no strength book bonuses, giving each of them a strength book will yield the same total increase in knight power, even if one knight is 100+ levels higher than the other.

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