King’s Choice: Arena Guide

Only knights who have reached Lv.60 can battle other Lords using ‘Random Challenge’, ‘Announcement Challenge’, ‘Revenge’ or ‘Pursue and Attack’.In each round of the battle, you can challenge one of the opponent’s three knights. The battle lasts until your knight loses, or defeats all of the opponent’s knights.

Random Challenge

When you enter the Arena, a random knight will be selected to participate in the battle. Each knight only has one chance to participate every day. Chances are reset daily at midnight.During each battle, there’s a limited number of chances to replace knights. Once a knight has been replaced, he won’t participate in this battle again. Upgrade your Lord Level or VIP Level to earn extra chances.Four free battles are available every day, with the cooldown time between them being 1 hour.When you use up all of your free chances, you can use the Letter of Battle item to earn an extra battle chance. For each 5 of your knights who have surpassed Lv.60, you’ll get one chance to use the item.

Announcement Challenge/Revenge

When you defeat at least 20 (or all) of your opponent’s knights, the battle info will appear in the Announcements.When you defeat 5 or more of your opponent’s knights, you’ll be listed as that opponent’s enemy, giving them the right to take revenge on you.To initiate an Announcement Challenge or a Revenge, you must consume the Duel Proposal item. Each knight can only engage in one Announcement Challenge or Revenge every day.

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Pursue and Attack

Pursue and attack a specific Lord to make them lose twice as many points. To pursue and attack a Lord, you must consume the Pursuit Decree item. The Announcement Challenge, Revenge and Pursuit are only available once per day for each Lord. The chances are reset daily at midnight.

Instant Challenge

The ‘Instant Challenge’ function can be unlocked when the Monthly or Yearly Card takes effect.’Instant Challenge’ becomes unavailable 1 hour before a ranking event ends.If you select ‘Auto-purchase Buffs’, the buffs that cost more Honor Medals will be purchased automaticallyIf you don’t have enough Honor Medals, no buffs will be purchased, and you’ll directly enter the battle.If a deployed knight’s HP is full, no HP buffs will be purchased, and you’ll directly enter the battle.


Consume Protection Decree to dispatch knights to protect designated Lords. When the protected Lord is pursued, the guardian knight will be deployed to the first round of the battle.The protection effect will become invalid once a knight has been deployed to a battle, or after a refresh at midnight.

Battle Immunity

When you possess more than 30 knights, the Battle Immunity setting will become available. When a knight is set as Immune, he won’t be able to go to battle, or be attacked by other knights.There’s a limit to the number of Battle Immunity spots, but you can spend Gold to unlock more.

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