Guide to Behemoths in Call of Dragons

In Call of Dragons, Behemoths are unique creatures that alliances can capture and control. There are currently eight different types of Behemoths available, each with their own unique skills and stats. When alliances capture a Behemoth, they can upgrade its skills and research additional buffs and stats.

Defeating a Behemoth in Call of Dragons is not easy, especially for new alliances. It requires good coordination and strong players. Some Behemoths are easier to defeat than others, and capturing a Behemoth requires careful preparation, such as informing all players about the time of capture, developing tactics on which troops and heroes to use, where to position troops, what Behemoth skills to avoid, and more.

Once your alliance successfully captures a Behemoth, you can start researching and upgrading its skills and summon it to help you in war. It’s important to note that only alliance leaders and officers can summon Behemoths, and each alliance can only summon one Behemoth on the map at a time. Summoning a Behemoth starts a cooldown, and to summon stronger ones, you will need Behemoth Points.

To upgrade Behemoth skills, alliance members must donate resources, and they will earn Member Points for doing so. It’s essential to have an alliance with many active players who donate regularly to progress quickly.

When it comes to summoning Behemoths in Call of Dragons, there are certain rules that you need to follow:

  • Only alliance leaders and officers can summon Behemoths.
  • Each alliance can only have one Behemoth on the map at a time, so you cannot have multiple Behemoths active simultaneously.
  • After summoning a Behemoth, there will be a cooldown period before it can be summoned again.
  • To summon stronger Behemoths, you will need to obtain Behemoth Points through various in-game activities.
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By following these rules, your alliance can effectively utilize Behemoths to aid in battles and gain an advantage over other players. It’s important to have a well-coordinated alliance and active members who can donate resources to upgrade Behemoth skills and research additional buffs and stats. And don’t forget to redeem codes to earn free rewards like gems, resources, and keys.

It’s also recommended to play Call of Dragons on PC to avoid lag and other technical difficulties during Behemoth battles. And don’t forget to redeem all available codes for free rewards like gems, resources, and keys.

To learn how to defeat a specific Behemoth, click on its icon or name to visit a dedicated page with information on the best tactics, all locations, all skills, and more. With careful preparation and coordination, your alliance can capture and control Behemoths to gain a strategic advantage in Call of Dragons.

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