Complete higher levels of the Dragon Trail in Call of Dragons: A Guide

Dragon Trail is a challenging game mode in Call of Dragons, where you must battle against enemies and complete various stages. Each stage you clear for the first time will reward you, and it will then start producing points that you can claim daily. In the Dragon Trail Shop, you can obtain commanders and rewards to aid you in your battles.

For new players, Dragon Trail can be difficult, and it is likely that you will struggle at the beginning. However, after some time, you will need five sets of troops, tier 4 troops, and strong heroes to progress.

One of the great aspects of Dragon Trail in Call of Dragons is that your troops will not die or be sent to the hospital, so you can battle as much as you want. This is why many players test their heroes and troops in Dragon Trail, as it offers a safe and challenging environment for players to hone their skills.

Why is the Important?

The Dragon Trail is an essential game mode in Call of Dragons, and there are several reasons why every player should strive to complete all of its stages.

By completing stages in the Dragon Trail, you will earn three different currencies, which are valuable resources in the game:

  • Dragonglass, which can be used to purchase items in the Dragon Trail Shop
  • Prestige, which is used to enact policies that can give you various bonuses and benefits
  • Experience, which is used to level up your heroes and increase their abilities.
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Overall, completing the stages in the Dragon Trail is a crucial step towards building a powerful army and advancing your progress in Call of Dragons. It provides you with valuable resources and rewards that can help you overcome challenges in the game and achieve greater success.

How to complete higher levels?

If you want to complete the higher levels in the Dragon Trail game mode in Call of Dragons, you will need to follow some essential steps:

  • Join an alliance with strong military technology and behemoths that give damage bonuses
  • Use items such as damage boosters, troop expansion items, scout city items, and items that grant titles
  • Acquire tier 4 and tier 5 troops
  • Have at least 5 sets of troops
  • Obtain the best heroes available in the game
  • Use the best talent tree builds for your heroes
  • Continuously upgrade your heroes
  • Use the best artifacts available in the game

However, if you are a new player, it will be almost impossible to complete all the stages in the Dragon Trail without obtaining all of the items mentioned above. Therefore, if you are struggling, you will need to increase your power even more.

Remember that on the main stages, you will use your troops, heroes, and buffs to progress, while on the side stages, you will have to use what the game is offering you. By following these steps and improving your strategy, you will be able to conquer the higher levels of the Dragon Trail in Call of Dragons.

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