Call of Dragons: City Hall Upgrade Requirements

In Call of Dragons, the City Hall serves as the cornerstone for all other structures, making it the most crucial building in the game. To upgrade your City Hall, you must first upgrade other buildings as the requirements for City Hall upgrades are high. However, upgrading your City Hall brings many benefits, so it’s important to prioritize upgrading it as soon as possible.


City Hall Level Requirements Legion Capacity Legion Queue Cost
Time Power
2 (Settlement) None 1,000 1 3.5k Gold/Wood 2s 90
3 None 1,500 1 6.5k Gold/Wood 5m 120
4 (Village) Lv.3 Wall 2,000 2 11.8k Gold/Wood 20m 154
5 Lv.4 Wall, Lv.4 Mint 2,500 2 21.3k Gold/Wood 1h 383
6 Lv.5 Wall, Lv.5 Scout Camp 3,000 2 36.3k Gold/Wood, 12k Stone 2h 852
7 Lv.6 Wall, Lv.6 Swordsmen Camp 3,500 2 54.4k Gold/Wood, 19.2k Stone 5h 1,847
8 Lv.7 Wall, Lv.7 Alliance Center 4,000 2 81.8k Gold/Wood, 30.8k Stone 10h 3,706
9 Lv.8 Wall, Lv.8 Lumber Mill 4,500 2 122.8k Gold/Wood, 49.2k Stone 15h 6,504
10 (Town) Lv.9 Wall, Lv.9 College of Order 5,000 2 184.3k Gold/Wood, 78.7k Stone 22h 10,933
11 Lv.10 Wall, Lv.10 Ballista Factory 5,500 3 277.5k Gold/Wood, 120k Stone 1d 6h 16,723
12 Lv.11 Wall, Lv.11 Scout Camp 6,000 3 417.5k Gold/Wood, 180k Stone 1d 16h 24,693
13 Lv.12 Wall, Lv.12 Alliance Center 6,500 3 627.5k Gold/Wood, 270k Stone 2d 2h 35,213
14 Lv.13 Wall, Lv.13 Mana Refinery 7,000 3 942.5k Gold/Wood, 405k Stone 2d 12h 48,838
15 Lv.14 Wall, Lv.14 Storehouse 7,500 3 1.4m Gold/Wood, 607.5k Stone 2d 22h 66,400
16 (Citadel) Lv.15 Wall, Lv.15 College of Order 8,000 3 2.1m Gold/Wood, 912.5k Stone 4d 91,451
17 Lv.16 Wall, Lv.16 Abbey 8,500 4 3.2m Gold/Wood, 1.4m Stone 4d 20h 125,005
18 Lv.17 Wall, Lv.17 Scout Camp 9,000 4 4.8m Gold/Wood, 2.1m Stone 5d 20h 170,590
19 Lv.18 Wall, Lv.18 Storehouse 9,500 4 7.2m Gold/Wood, 3.1m Stone 7d 232,957
20 Lv.19 Wall, Lv.19 Alliance Center 10,000 4 10.8m Gold/Wood, 4.7m Stone 8d 6h 318,769
21 (Metropolis) Lv.20 Wall, Lv.20 Alliance Market 10,500 4 16.2m Gold/Wood, 7m Stone 11d 442,735
22 Lv.21 Wall, Lv.21 Knight Camp 11,000 5 24.3m Gold/Wood, 10.6m Stone 17d 3h 630,860
23 Lv.22 Wall, Lv.22 College of Order 11,500 5 36.5m Gold/Wood, 15.9m Stone 23d 23h 907,085
24 Lv.23 Wall, Lv.23 Celestial Temple 12,000 5 54.8m Gold/Wood, 24m Stone 36d 1,322,480
25 Lv.24 Wall, Lv.24 Alliance Market 12,500 5 82.2m Gold/Wood, 36m Stone, Blueprint 126d 8h 2,195,458
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In order to reach level 25 in Call of Dragons, you will need to use universal speedups on your City Hall. It’s important to note that these speedups should not be used on any other buildings.

However, if you’ve already upgraded your City Hall to level 25 without purchasing a growth bundle, don’t worry. You can still purchase the bundle later and receive all the rewards from level 1 to 25.

Upgrading your City Hall in Call of Dragons is essential if you want to progress quickly and gain power. There are several advantages to upgrading your City Hall, including:

  • Unlocking technology research, which allows you to access higher-tier units.
  • Increasing your dispatches, enabling you to send out more troops for farming, barbarian battles, and obtaining tier 5 units.
  • Increasing your troop capacity, allowing you to send more troops with your commanders for gathering, fighting, and faster barbarian destruction.
  • Increasing your hospital capacity, enabling you to upgrade your hospital and heal faster.
  • Receiving rewards for every upgrade of your City Hall.

In summary, upgrading your City Hall is crucial for advancing in Call of Dragons and gaining power quickly.

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