Call of Dragons – Guide – How to Change Regions

In Call of Dragons, players have the option to choose from various regions where they can play. However, it is possible to accidentally select a region that doesn’t suit their preferences. The good news is that players can switch regions, but it can be quite expensive to do so. There are two methods for changing regions: using the beginner teleport or using the Resurgence Option.

Beginner teleport

The beginner teleport is an item that is only available to new players. Once a player reaches level 12, this item can no longer be used. It is important for players who have the beginner teleport to use it wisely, as they will not be able to use it later on. However, if a player does not have the beginner teleport or has already used it, they can choose to use the Resurgence Option or create a new account if they are not satisfied with their progress in their current region.

Resurgence in Call of Dragons

In Call of Dragons, players have the option to use the Resurgence feature if they meet certain requirements. This option becomes available once the server unlocks the Ode of Heroes in chronicles. However, there are rules that players must follow when using Resurgence. One of the most significant rules is that 80% of a player’s troops will be severely wounded, and they will need time to recover.

To access Resurgence, players must click on the icon next to their avatar, and the option to use Resurgence will appear. However, certain requirements must be met before a player can use Resurgence. These include not being part of an Alliance, having no Lesions or Scouts deployed outside of their City, and having a City Hall level of 12 or higher. Additionally, there can be no Barricades built or being built, and Resurgence cannot be triggered again for three days after it has been used.

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When Resurgence is triggered, a player’s City will be relocated to a random location in their chosen Region, and their Affiliated Region will be changed to the chosen Region. 80% of a player’s Legions will be severely wounded and placed in their hospital. Furthermore, all Policies will be reset, and half of a player’s Prestige will be returned.

Moving Your Alliance to a Different Region in Call of Dragons

It is not possible to move your alliance to a different region in Call of Dragons. Your alliance is specific to the region where it was created. Unfortunately, the only option available is to create a new alliance in the region you want to move to, which can be a time-consuming process.

However, there is a trick you can use to find the best region for your alliance. You can create alternate accounts and send them to scout all the available regions. This will allow you to gather information about the different regions, such as player activity, resource availability, and potential threats. By doing this, you can plan and make an informed decision on which region is best suited for your alliance before creating a new one.

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