How to get Command Points CP in Call of Dragons

In Call of Dragons, Command Points (CP) are a valuable resource that you can use to attack NPC enemies, such as dark units and darkling forts, in exchange for rewards like speedups, resources, and gems.

Your CP capacity is limited to 1200, and once you reach that limit, you won’t be able to produce any more until you spend some. The amount of CP you earn depends on your CP recovery speed, which can be increased using various items.

It’s important to note that any CP-boosting items you have at the end of the season will be scrapped, so you should use them all up before then. Plus, using them on darkling units and forts can help you progress faster and unlock tier 5 units.

To ensure you don’t waste any CP, it’s best not to let your recovery speed reach its maximum. Instead, spend your CP regularly and keep an eye on the timer in the CP icon to see how long it will take to replenish your CP bar.

How to get more action points CP

In Call of Dragons, CP is a valuable resource that you will use frequently, so it’s important to know how to acquire it. There are currently only a few ways to increase CP regeneration and get CP items.

One way is to purchase CP from the VIP/Honor shop using gold. Each week, you can buy up to 10 CP items, and the best part is that you don’t need a high VIP level to purchase them. Therefore, it’s recommended to buy every single one of them each week.

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Another way is through the Alliance store, where you can purchase CP recovery items using member points. However, we don’t recommend spending member points on CP since there are better items available for purchase.

You also have a chance to get CP items when opening an alliance gift, which you receive when someone purchases a bundle inside the game or destroys a fort. To increase your chances of getting CP items, it’s important to be part of a whale alliance that spends a lot.

There are various events in Call of Dragons that offer CP items as part of the rewards, so it’s essential to complete them all. Not only will you receive CP, but you will also obtain other rewards that can speed up your progression.

Command Points Recovery

In Call of Dragons, increasing your Command Points Recovery is crucial since it allows you to attack more enemies and obtain more rewards. Here are some ways to increase it:

Technology – The tech tree in your technology tab has research options that increase CP recovery. It’s advisable to research these technologies, but if you’re a new player, you don’t need to focus too much on them. Additionally, you can research the technology that increases the amount of CP you can hold, but it’s not as essential as other technologies, so prioritize it last.

Alliance territory – The objectives on the map that boost your CP recovery vary depending on your alliance. It’s best to join the top alliance on the server to maximize these benefits.

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Manastones – Killing small units around a behemoth can drop manastones that temporarily increase your CP recovery. Keep an eye out for them to further boost your CP recovery.

Spending Command Points

To maximize your progress in Call of Dragons, it’s important to spend your Command Points (CP) wisely. Here are some tips:

Spend CP on darkling forts and units – Since all CP items will be scrapped at the end of the season, it’s best to use them as much as possible before then. Spending CP on forts and units will yield rewards and items that will help you progress faster. If you need to level up your heroes quickly, use your stamina points on the best heroes in the game.

Check the rewards – Before spending CP, check the rewards you will receive for destroying the forts or units. This way, you can prioritize which ones to attack and get the most out of your CP.

Focus on forts if you’re a new player – If you’re a new player, it’s recommended to spend your CP on forts since you’ll need Treaty items to upgrade your rally building.

Use Call of Dragons codes – If you need more CP, you can use Call of Dragons codes which can offer CP as part of the rewards.

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