In Call of Dragons, Honor points and Honor levels hold the utmost importance, similar to VIP Points and VIP levels found in other games like Rise of Kingdoms. The benefits of having higher Honor levels are vast, including faster research and building, improved troop stats, and daily free rewards.Continue Reading

In Call of Dragons, the City Hall serves as the cornerstone for all other structures, making it the most crucial building in the game. To upgrade your City Hall, you must first upgrade other buildings as the requirements for City Hall upgrades are high. However, upgrading your City Hall bringsContinue Reading

There are numerous benefits associated with factions in Call of Dragons, such as increased building speed, bonus attack, faster healing and gathering speeds, and more. Currently, players have the option to choose from three factions in Call of Dragons, namely the League of Order, Springwardens, and Wilderburg.Continue Reading

In Call of Dragons, Behemoths are unique creatures that alliances can capture and control. There are currently eight different types of Behemoths available, each with their own unique skills and stats. When alliances capture a Behemoth, they can upgrade its skills and research additional buffs and stats.Continue Reading

Mana is one of the most crucial resources in Call of Dragons as it is required for researching and upgrading buildings, and most importantly, training and healing Tier 5 troops. Since training and healing Tier 5 troops require a substantial amount of mana, there is a high chance that youContinue Reading