Ways to Get Gems for FREE in Call of Dragons

Today, I will be presenting 11 different methods through which you can acquire gems without spending any money in Call of Dragons. By using these techniques, you can start earning over 2,000 gems daily for free. Perhaps, one day you can accumulate as many gems as I have, which are displayed in the top right corner of my screen, where I have over one hundred and twenty thousand gems. I am eager to spend them, but I know they are a valuable resource that should be utilized wisely. Therefore, before you start spending your gems, it’s essential to learn how to earn them.

Do These DAILY

Today, I’m going to share with you 11 ways to get free gems in Call of Dragons so that you can earn over 2,000 gems per day for free. Maybe one day you’ll have as many gems as I have in the top right corner, over 120,000 gems. I’m dying to spend them, but I know they’re super rare, and you want to spend them in the right ways. Before you think about spending gems, you need to learn how to earn them. Let’s jump into the first and easiest method, which is the daily rewards. We’re getting this method out of the way first because it’s the simplest and most obvious. If you complete your daily challenges, you’ll receive a chest that gives you a bunch of important items, including 100 gems for free. That’s 100 gems every single day just by logging in and doing the things that you should be doing.

Now let’s move on to Method number two, which is illustrations. If you look at the bottom bar, you’ll see a little book that opens up your tales. In the bottom right corner, there’s an icon that says illustrations, and there are different types you can collect such as creature illustrations, hero illustrations, letters, anecdotes, artifacts, and more. Collecting these illustrations will get you free gems. For example, if you click on creature illustrations, you can see the Behemoth illustrations and unclaimed rewards for Thunder Rock. In the bottom right corner, there’s a little gift box that jumps up and down, and if you click on it, you get five gems for free. You can only claim this reward once for every creature you discover for the first time. The way to discover new creatures is by exploring the open world and clicking on the corresponding creature page. You can also get free gems by collecting anecdotes and unlocking artifacts for the first time.

Mist and Heroes

If you click on your Scout’s camp, you can see some of the different things my Scouts have discovered out in the world. Virtually all of these things will earn you gems for free. That’s why exploring the Mist in the open world and revealing the entire map is so important, and you should be doing this all the time until it’s basically done. I’m guilty of being lazy as well, and sometimes I forget to do this or can’t be bothered, but really, you have to do what you have to do. If you want gems for free, you’re going to have to scout around the map.

Some of the things that will get you gems are the supplies you find around the map. These could be bags on the ground, a little wagon, or crates floating in the water. Sometimes these will give you gems, usually five gems for free. It’s relatively rare to get gems from these, but it’s absolutely possible.

You can also get gems from villages and camps. Again, these are also really rare. A lot of times at camps, you’ll have a choice between something and five gems, and if you’re a free-to-play player, you should probably be getting the five gems every single time.

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You’ll also get gems for discovering map locations. This is one that many people maybe don’t realize as much. If you tap on the map in the very center of the explore page, you can see a couple of different ones have a little red bubble on them. If you tap on that and then tap on the location, you’ll see a jumping gift box that will give you five gems every single time.

As you explore the map, you’ll be clearing the fog to get all the free gems from the supplies, villages, and other locations. But you’ll also get gems just for exploring the map. It’s just that simple. Explore the map, and you’ll unlock different story quests and things like that. Doing pretty much anything with your Scouts is going to earn you some gems.

I have collected hundreds of different supplies from various Villages and camps in the world, including gems, which I collect passively while clearing the Mist on the map. This means you will also accumulate hundreds of gems over time without even trying. Moving on to Method number four, we have group conversations. These are random events that occur in your city when a specific number of Heroes are present at the same time. You’ll notice a little exclamation point over the Heroes, and by clicking on the book in the top right corner and selecting conversations, you can read about how different Heroes interact with each other. Some conversations have requirements that must be met before they can be unlocked, such as owning specific Heroes or reaching a certain stage in your server. Once the conversation takes place, you’ll receive 50 gems, a gold key, and three hours of training speed ups.

These conversations provide a little story dialogue between multiple characters in your city, and they’re an excellent way to earn gems for free. Collecting gold keys is also essential as they can be used to open chests that contain epic or legendary Heroes, which are some of the most valuable items in the game. So, by earning gems and gold keys simultaneously, you’re getting double the rewards.

Behemoths (2 ways)

Moving on to Method number five, there are two ways to get a nice handful of gems for free when it comes to the Behemoth system in Call of Dragons. The first one is the First Purification Rewards. As the season progresses in your server, more and more behemoths become available for challenging. For example, this Thunder Rock will be available for challenging very soon. If you participate in the first purification of this Thunder Rock, you will gain 500 gems. It doesn’t matter how much damage you do; if you do more damage, you will get more rewards, but the gems themselves are the same. Just being present for the first purification is going to get you 500 gems, which is huge.

But it doesn’t end there because you can also do Elite Raids with the behemoths that your alliance currently owns, and this is a way that you’re going to be able to level up those behemoths anyway. These are things that your alliance is going to want to do regardless, but if you participate in these Elite Raids, you’re also going to gain some gems. As you can see in the top right corner of this Giants screenshot, if you’re a member of the First Alliance on your server and complete this Elite Raid in a certain time frame, you’re going to gain gems for free.

So, there are two reasons why you want to be in a strong and active Alliance, and we’re going to talk more about strong and active alliances laterĀ  and how you might be able to find your way into one as a free-to-play player. There are thousands of gems to be gotten for free just by participating in the different Behemoth events in your server, so be aware of when these are happening and make sure to show up. We’re almost halfway through this list.

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Season Progress

Moving on to Method number six, we have the Auger Stone. The Auger Stone is a building in your city that keeps track of the progress through the season in your kingdom and server. There are several server milestones that you will reach as time goes on, and every single one of these milestones gives you some number of gems. You want to make sure that you participate and do every single one of these milestones. Unfortunately, I have missed some of these milestones, which resulted in me missing out on some free gems. But if you participate in all of these milestones, you can easily get over a thousand gems for free. However, these milestones are timed, so make sure to check the Auger Stone periodically to make sure that you’re doing what you have to do.

Lore and Quests

To make progress in the season Adventure and gain free gems, click on the little book in the bottom corner of the screen. Here, you will see that each chapter has multiple stories, and as you complete each story, you will receive free gems. Clicking the icon in the top left corner will take you to your season adventures, where you can start progressing through the main story. There are a lot of cut scenes and dialogues in the story, but you can click the auto button or spam click through them if you’re not interested in them. The story is voice-activated and does a great job of telling the game’s narrative.

Progressing through the story will bring you to Method number eight, which is completing your main quests. You can see your current main quest by clicking on the book icon and navigating to the main quest section. Completing main quests can earn you free gems, like the Bootcamp Camp quest that rewards you with five gems for having 165,000 troops or units in your city. While five gems may not seem like much, completing multiple main quests can add up and help you earn free gems over time.

I’ve mentioned getting five gems multiple times, but by following all the methods we’ve discussed, you’ll actually be able to gain thousands of gems. Moving on to method eight, the main quest, this is separate from the story quest we talked about earlier. In this quest, you’ll need to meet certain requirements, such as having a certain number of units in your city. If you want to speed up the process, you can use speed-ups to train 10,000 units and claim five gems for free, but it’s not really worth it since the speed-ups are more valuable than the gems. Instead, you can train troops in your troop training buildings every day, and eventually, you’ll be able to complete the quest and collect five gems for free.

There are many main quests in the game, and as you progress through them, you’ll hit milestones such as owning a certain number of artifacts or heroes, or leveling up a hero to a certain level. These milestones will reward you with gems, and as you complete more of them, you’ll be able to collect hundreds of gems just by clicking the collect button. However, keep in mind that this will take time, and even players who spend money in the game will eventually hit roadblocks. But by being patient and training your troops consistently, you’ll eventually break through and gain more rewards.

Events and Alliances

Method number nine is related to weekly and holiday events. Every few days, new events will appear on the event page, which can be found in the top right corner of the screen. These events offer opportunities to get free gems. Some events are limited-time and offer gems as rewards, while others occur weekly or monthly. For example, the Great Halls event rewards players with gems for reaching certain milestones in upgrading their city hall. Additionally, holiday events such as Halloween or Christmas often come with ways to get gems.

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Method number ten involves finding an alliance with players who are willing to spend money on the game. While this can be challenging for free-to-play players, being in an alliance with spenders can offer opportunities to get gems for free. Rare chests in alliances are gained by players spending money, and being in the same alliance with them can reward you with gems. While whales tend to group together in alliances, this can also be a way for free-to-play players to benefit from their spending. By contributing to the alliance and participating in events, you can earn gems without spending money yourself.

Open World Gems

The eleventh and final method discussed in this guide is gathering gems in the game world. I left this method for last because there are a few important things to note. Of course, it’s relatively obvious that you can find gems in the game world. First, you need to unlock the policy board and progress through the beginner policies until you can unlock gem prospecting. It’s easy and cheap to get this far in the policy board, so don’t worry too much about that. Once you have unlocked the ability to do so, you can find gems by sending gatherers to mine gems in places like gem mines. You can mine these gems for free, and they will provide you with 20 gems at level two. There are higher and lower levels that can provide you with more gems. However, I am not going to mine these gems because I want to save them for a free-to-play game. You can mine up to 1,000 gems per day, but this requires heavy activity, meaning you have to be online very often. You have to move your gatherers to another gem node every 10 to 20 minutes, and the more gems you gather, the slower your gathering speed. This speed resets every week, so it might be worth it to gather a lot of gems at the beginning of the week and then slow down as the week goes on.

There are a few things to consider when gathering gems. Firstly, the more gems you gather, the slower your gathering speed becomes, and this resets every week. So, it might be worth it to gather a lot in the beginning of the week, and then slow down as you gather more. Secondly, it’s essential to use a gathering hero for this, as the talent windfall gives you additional reward items when your legion depletes a resource point. Gem mines are considered resource points, and by gathering gems, you can double dip and gain both gems and resource items.

However, there is an opportunity cost to consider. If you’re sending out your gatherers to gem mines, you’re not sending them to actual resource points, so you need to consider where you’ll get your actual resources. One way to circumvent this is to start a farm account, which is a second character or city that solely focuses on leveling up and gathering resources that you can then send to your main city. Keep in mind that you cannot send mana, so you’ll need to focus on gathering gold, wood, and ore.

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