Guide for Strongest Lord Event in Call of Dragons

The Strongest Lord Event is one of the most significant events in Call of Dragons where players can obtain new legendary heroes. This event consists of six different stages, and each stage lasts for 24 hours. Players with the most points after all stages are completed will receive rewards that include legendary heroes’ sculptures.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for free-to-play players to reach the top spots in this event due to pay-to-win players’ advantages in terms of resources. To compete against pay-to-win players, it is recommended for free-to-play players to skip the event, especially if they do not have tier 5 units. Alternatively, they can skip a few events until they collect enough resources to compete.

Redeeming all Call of Dragons codes is an excellent way to get extra resources for the Strongest Lord event. It is advisable to take advantage of these codes to improve your chances of success in the event.

Phases of the Strongest Lord Event

The Strongest Lord Event in Call of Dragons has six phases, each lasting for 24 hours. Here are the details of each phase:

  1. Legion Training In this phase, players can earn a lot of points by training troops. Some tips for maximizing points in this stage include looking for mana stones that reduce training time, having a high VIP level for training speed reduction, and upgrading tier 4 troops to tier 5 troops, which saves speedups and resources. The point values for training different tiers of troops are:
    • 1x Tier 1 unit: 5 points
    • 1x Tier 2 unit: 10 points
    • 1x Tier 3 unit: 20 points
    • 1x Tier 4 unit: 30 points
    • 1x Tier 5 unit: 40 points
    • 1x Tier 6 unit: 100 points

Upgrading from tier 4 to tier 5 troops will earn 60 points and save time and resources.

  1. Defeat Darklings In this phase, players can earn points by defeating Darklings. The higher the level of the Darkling, the more points you will earn.
  2. Resource Gathering In this phase, players can earn points by gathering resources. The amount of points earned depends on the type and level of the resource gathered.
  3. Power Up In this phase, players can earn points by increasing their power level. This can be done by upgrading buildings, researching technologies, and training troops.
  4. First Four Stages Combined In this phase, the points earned in the first four stages are added together to determine the ranking.
  5. Battle Stage In this phase, players can earn points by attacking other players’ cities and defending their own. The higher the level of the city attacked or defended, the more points earned. Players can also earn points by killing enemy troops.
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Note that the Strongest Lord Event heavily favors pay-to-win players, so it may be best for free-to-play players to skip the event or wait until they have enough resources to compete. Additionally, using Call of Dragons codes can provide extra resources for the event.

Defeat Darklings

Defeating Darklings in Call of Dragons is a crucial part of the Strongest Lord Event. The number of Command Points (CP) you have determines your success in this stage. Aim to defeat as many Darklings as possible, with higher levels granting more points. To maximize your score, target Darklings at level 21 and above.

Using heroes with Peacekeeping talent trees is recommended to make the process easier and reduce your AP cost per Darkling.

Resource Gathering

The Resource Gathering stage may seem simple, but it requires a lot of time and dedication. To get the most points, you want all five of your troops to gather resources for the entire day. Mana gathering will give you the most points, so focus on gathering mana if you can.

To increase your gathering efficiency, you can use gathering heroes, optimize your Call of Dragons talent tree for gathering, equip artifacts that boost gathering, research relevant technology and policies, and increase your VIP level. Keep in mind that some regions may have better resource nodes than others, so it may be worth relocating your city to a region with better resources if possible.

Power Up

The Power Up stage is particularly helpful for players who do not have all of their buildings and technologies at their maximum level. During this stage, you should try to obtain a mana stone that can increase your building and research speed. Additionally, upgrading your mana production building is the most expensive but also the most rewarding in terms of points. Make sure to use all the speed-ups and resources you have to upgrade your buildings and technologies as much as possible during this stage.

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Battle Stage

The Battle Stage is one of the most exciting stages in Call of Dragons. In this stage, you can earn a significant number of points if you know how to play and have the best heroes in the game. Killing Tier 5 units will give you the most points, but killing Tier 4 units is also worth it. Here are some tips to help you increase your points during the Battle Stage:

  1. Fight other players: When fighting against other players, try to find ones that have weaker commanders than you, avoid fighting against Tier 5 units, and use the right talent tree, mana stones for the attack, and hero pairings and artifacts. Keep in mind that you will also take a lot of damage during the fight, which can be costly in terms of healing.
  2. Attack cities: Look for players who have stopped playing the game and attack their cities. Make sure that their power is much lower than yours; otherwise, you will suffer a lot of damage.
  3. Hunt gatherers: Check the map for enemy gathering units. Killing them will be easy since they are using gathering heroes and talent trees. It may take some time, but it is worth it.
  4. Farm account: If you have a farm account and extra resources, you can use it to get extra points. Leave your strongest heroes on the field and attack them with 10,000 units from your farm account. This way, your main account units will not take any damage. If you need more points, you can zero your farm account.
  5. Alliance help: You can ask your alliance members to help you get more points. Simply ask them to attack you with a small number of troops. Many players do this to secure the first spot in the Strongest Lord event.
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