How to get Golden Tree Seeds in Merge Mansion?

Are you interested in learning how to acquire golden tree seeds in Merge Mansion? As a virtual world of adventure and discovery, Merge Mansion allows players to collect a variety of items to aid them on their journey. One such item is the coveted golden tree seed. The good news is that obtaining them is not too challenging. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of acquiring golden tree seeds in Merge Mansion.

In early 2023, Merge Mansion introduced a new area known as the Conservatory, which marks the 26th expansion in the game. To access this area, players must complete the Maze Task 18-7. Once the Conservatory is unlocked, Golden Tree Seeds become an essential item for playing the area. They serve as fuel for the Seedling Kit, which is required to obtain exotic plants. The Seedling Kit can be obtained by completing Tasks 16-19 in the Conservatory, but it cannot be obtained once the area is fully completed.

In Merge Mansion, players can obtain Golden Tree Seeds by combining level 4 Empty Seed Bags. Unlike other items, Golden Tree Seeds do not require completing any specific tasks. Players can acquire them by simply completing regular maze tasks to unlock the Conservatory and combining two empty seed bags.

Empty Seed Bags can be purchased from the store or obtained as a drop item from Flower Pots and Green Boxes. Once the empty seed bags are combined, the Golden Tree Seeds will appear in the player’s inventory.

Golden Tree Seeds are essential items for the Conservatory because they fuel the Seedling Kit. The Seedling Kit is necessary to obtain exotic plants in the Conservatory. It is important to acquire the kit before completing the area, as it cannot be obtained once the area is completed.

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In summary, players can easily obtain Golden Tree Seeds in Merge Mansion and use them to obtain exotic plants in the Conservatory. Good luck in your adventures!

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