How to get Blossoming Bush in Merge Mansion?

Merge Mansion is a casual mobile game that involves restoring a mansion by merging different items to create new ones. In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the Blossoming Bush and its levels and drops.

The Blossoming Bush drops items for the Planted Flower, but players must first obtain the bush by merging different items. To start, players must get Bush Seeds which can be obtained from Brown Chests or purchased in the shop. After obtaining two Bush Seeds, players can merge them to get a Seedling, and then merge two Seedlings to get a Small Bush. From there, merging two Small Bushes will result in a Level 1 Bush, which can then be upgraded to a Level 2 Bush by merging two Level 1 Bushes. Finally, merging two Level 2 Bushes will result in the Blossoming Bush.

The Blossoming Bush has a total of four levels, and with each level, it becomes more beautiful and drops more items. Each level also offers different items for creating Planted Flower and Experience. Currently, only the drop rates for the first two levels of the Blossoming Bush are reliably known.

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