Family Farm Seaside: Guest Center

The Guest Center will bring Guests to your farm. You can get one from the ‘My First Pet 4’ mission. The Guest Center will need to be placed beside a Path for the guests to walk around your farm.

The Guest Center has 4 areas. The first area will already be open for you and to unlock the others, you will need to get a certain amount of materials. By unlocking a new area, you will get new guests and rewards.

How to invite Guests to your farmTo invite guests, you will need a Passport . On the left top corner of the Guest Center panel, you will see the amount of paths needed for the guests to walk on your farm. If you have too few paths, the Guest won’t be able to walk around. Once the Guest is on your farm, you will also not be able to decrease the number of paths.

To invite the group of guests, tap on the ‘Start’ button on the bottom of the screen. It will also show how many passports are needed to invite the group. For example, -1 means your current number of Passports will reduce from 3 to 2.

How to fulfill Guests’ ordersOnce the Guests arrive on your farm, they will start to walk around. After a while, an order icon will appear above the Guest. Tap on the icon and your Pet will approach the Guest to start bargaining.

You can tap on the Guest to see the Bargaining Cost, order reward and also the Guest’s mood.

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Please note that if your Guest disappears from the farm after you get all their orders, you can still check the order by tapping on the Guest Center and then the To-do List.

For every order, there will be score. The score is affected by the time you took to finish the order and also the mood of the Guest. At the end of each order, the remaining time and mood points will be calculated, giving an overall final score.

How to unlock other AreasThere are a total of 4 areas in Mootopia. The Farm Co-op, Schoolhouse, Peaceful Bay and Metropolis. To unlock a locked area, tap on it and you will see the requirement to unlock it.

To unlock each specific star in the Guest Center, players need to complete each mission like below. Please note that the Coins need to be earned from a specific section of the Guest Center with the correct star level (Tap on “Coins Earned” in the Unlock panel to see the requirements).

How to get 2-star and 3-star OrderFor every area you unlock, only the 1-star order will be available at first. To get the 2-star and 3-star orders, you need to finish certain tasks. You can see the task you need to finish in order to unlock the 2-star and 3-star order.

To do 2-star order, you will need a 2-star passport  and to do 3-star order, you will need a 3-star passport .

Note: Passports will be given by the system daily except for 3-star passport. 3-star passport will be given once per week.

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