Family Farm Seaside: Millionaire Cow and Circus Monkey

Circus Monkey

The Circus Monkey and Magic Bunny are now working together! Use this feature to boost your farm activities! It is unlocked at level 16 and you can purchase it from Seaside Store under Buildings tab.

Plan boosts and get Yellow Mystrons as a reward! There are 8 types of boost available, you can schedule 1 boost each day. The boost will be active the whole day. Tap on the “?” in the upper left corner to check the tutorial and to find out what the different boosts can do for you.

In the planning you will also see which activities are coming.Tap the activity icon to read more information.

Millionaire Cow

What is Millionaire Cow

The Millionaire Cow is a cow statue that will produce 1 RC per day for a limited time. The cow does not need to be cleaned by neighbors before giving a RC.

How to get a Millionaire Cow

A Millionaire Cow discount will be released every once in a while. The discount will pop up automatically if you have never purchased a Millionaire Cow before and you can only purchase it once.

How does the Millionaire Cow work

It will produce 1 RC per day with or without being cleaned by neighbors. If you skip a day, your turn will be shifted to the next day, so you are guaranteed to receive the promised amount of RCs.

When your Millionaire Cow is cleaned by a neighbor, the neighbor will get a cleaning box but you won’t get anything extra. You can only collect RC from it.

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After you finish collecting all the RC from the Millionaire Cow, you can reactivate it again by purchasing the Millionaire Cow extension package by tapping on the Millionaire Cow itself.

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